Well done with all you are doing for your little one. I eed for one baby for 12 months and bfd the next for 12 months. Eeing is about 10 times harder. I really don't recommend it unless absolutely necessary. My personal opinion (and it's just an opinion) is that if you don't want to bf past 12 months just stop. You can always be giving your baby lots of really nutritious and wholesome food.

Your baby sounds like he's feeding an awful lot. I wonder if you could try to push him out to 2.5/3 hours between feeds? I just wonder if he's maybe feeding for leisure rather than need? I'm no expert though. I would think you'll easily be able to leave him to go out for a couple of hours in a few more weeks (feed just before you leave then when you get home).

Maybe give the ABA a call for some advice?