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    So due to badly cracked nipples, infected milk ducts and thursh on the nipple I have decided to express my milk for bub and bottle feed.

    I tried this with my Son and ended up with an overwhelming supply so I want to make sure this doesn't happen again.

    What I have been doing is working out how much she drinks (anywhere between 60-100mls every 3-4 hours) and pumping 100mls putting it in the fridge. When she wakes 3-4 hours later I feed her the EBM and then pump her next feed. Should I be pumping more than she needs to drink or should I just continue to pump what she currently requires? I figure that she is full after 80mls then that is all she would take on the breast anyway, so in order to not get an oversupply I should only pump what she requires.

    What are your opinions?

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    I would be pumping often so your supply increases for when you bub starts needing more amounts.

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    How are you doing now Blondie?

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