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Thread: How much breast milk does a 8 month old baby need?

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    Default How much breast milk does a 8 month old baby need?


    My bub has been going through a terrible teething week with her top teeth just erupting, I'm assuming it's related but she has stopped accepting bottles. She just flips out if she even sees the bottle, DH hasn't been able to get her to have a bottle all week while I was at work between 8-4 (I work 3 days). But she'd still drink from me in the morning, when I got home, and unfortunately more through the night to make up for it and was demanding a bottle but only from me in the evening.

    (The reason she has a bottle of formula is I've got chronic low supply, needed motillium to bring my milk in properly and at my max on 120g I was getting 600ml max a day, now that I've weaned off at last check I could get about 500ml over 24hrs) So she's always had a top up.

    She has started eating again (yep, went off that too for a couple of days) and so I've been feeding her a lot more since she won't take a bottle. I'm just worried this isn't ok at her age yet? My plan was to lose the top-ups as she got older if she would cooperate but is it ok for her to go all day with just food and a bit of water when I'm at work? Is it ok for her to only have what I'm producing plus food at her age, or should she be drinking more milk? She still arches and screeches often when I put her into 'breastfeeding' position (except at night) but once she attatches if I walk around she's happy as larry and relaxes into it. But she will NOT take the bottle, she'll take a few sips of water or juice from a straw or sippy cup, that's it. Can anyone help?

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    Oh hun, I hope you get some help as I don't really have any advice! My DS still has no teeth but has been grumpy more so than usual for the last 2 weeks, so I think the teething must be happening soon. I have heard that teething can put a bub off their bottle as when they suck it gets the blood flowing around the mouth/gums and it's painful for them. Maybe offer solids throughout the day and try and give her a bottle/boobie when she wakes up and before she goes down? Not sure hun, sorry! Hope she settles soon.

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    The amount of bm at this stage can vary a lot - but that doesn't sound like enough fluid to stop constipation. Can you give her more "liquid" with her food (i.e. grapes, watermelon, porridge, yoghurt, lots of foods that have quite a high water content)?
    Also maybe try not heating the bottle - really cold might be nicer on the teeth.
    If you feed her with her more vertical is it any better - I'm just wondering if she's got a stuck poo and doesn't really want to lie down.

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    can you give her the EBM in the straw cup/sippy rather than the bottle??

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