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Thread: Trying to get him used to the bottle

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    Default Trying to get him used to the bottle

    DS has been BF from birth and never had a bottle. we now need him to get used to the bottle cause I am going to be working a couple days a week beginning in Feb. DH tried to give him bottle - no go. He took a couple of sucks - I was so upset seeing him with the bottle I just fed him . Then we tried sippy cup again with DH - no go. So yesterday I tried feeding him the bottle - we had success. He didn't drink the while lot but drank about 30mls. I think I'll persevere and feed him with bottle once a day till he get the hang of it. But I much prefer BF so will BF other feeds. He looks so relieved when he booby now . Does this sound okay? Has anyone had similar problem? I guess he associates feeding with me and not DH???? Any suggestions would be great!
    Rach xx

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    My DD wouldn't take the bottle for about 3 months - so you're doing well!
    Things that helped me - not worrying too much about how much was taken at one sitting. I just kept offering the bottle during the time period she was awake, and she would usually end up taking the whole bottle over 3-4 goes.

    Consistency - keep offering the bottle. Doing it at the same time is good. Are you using formula? If so you may want to put some breastmilk on the bottle nipple to encourage your son. I haven't used formula so don't know if you could mix it with a bit of breast milk?? Anyone know?

    Distraction - I sometimes found she fed better if there was something to watch - the dogs, out the window, TV, whatever.

    I also found that she would get upset if I tried to bottle feed her in the chair and position I use for breastfeeding - she was happier in a different location.

    My husband couldn't feed her if I was about - he could only do it if I left the house (we have a small house, so another room might be okay for you!). You could try leaving for 2-3 hours around feed time and see how your husband goes - your DS won't starve during this time!

    Some people seem to have success with different bottle nipples, but it didn't seem to make any difference to my DD, which I kinda knew anyhow, it wasn't the bottle nipple style that was the issue, it was that it wasn't a boob!

    Good luck! Hope I helped a little bit. It sounds like you're on the right track anyhow!

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    Hey Dolly
    Thanks for your reply. I am happy to say DS took bottle tonight about 120mls, from me.
    Also, yes all breast milk, I'm expressing in the morning as DS seems to be sleeping the entire night lately leaving me with ROCKmelons when I wake up

    Distraction - I sometimes found she fed better if there was something to watch - the dogs, out the window, TV, whatever.
    Interestingly DS had his eyes glued to the tv for part of the feed!

    it was that it wasn't a boob!
    My DS is so funny when he is feeding he holds my boob like it is his most prized possesion and must never let it go again!

    Anyway I think we'll get there I must get DH and my mum to try too (as she will be looking after him while I am at work!). Should be okay though I think....

    Thanks again Rach xx

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    It took me 3 months of trying every day with the bottle before DS2 would take it properly. All I can suggest is to persevere and it will happen eventually, whether that be cup,bottle or sippy cup. As long as you are patient and don't force it, it will work eventually.

    Good Luck.

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