thread: Where to start??

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    Jan 2011

    Where to start??

    Its our anniversary this month.

    We are going away for 1 night/day. DD has never stayed away from us, but we are toying with the idea of having a meal to ourselves and a night with a SLEEP IN! (woohooing at the idea of not being woken in the morning by a cutie wanting to play). I am SO torn. Will i miss her too much and not sleep anyway? I havent even moved her from our room yet.....

    If it goes ahead she will be staying with my parents. So i will need to express and store. I havent done any of this before so i am lost as to where to start. How much milk will i need? I am thinking there will be about 3 feeds at night and then 1 in morning before she gets dropped back to us. She is on some solids too so its normally just one side of milk per feed. How do i start expressing without her missing out on milk now? How soon do i need to start? should i feed her on one side and then express the other?

    Also, say she does stay with my mum, will i need to keep expressing while we are away so my milk doesnt go? Or just express when im full to relieve?

    Please please enlighten me!

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    Jan 2011

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    Good morning! How exciting - a weekend away! Sounds nice

    Lets see what I can help with here. Bit of a tricky one - it can be difficult to try and estimate how much milk your LO will need, as she is past 6mths and having a bit of family food. Some mums find that their baby will happily take a bottle and need a bit of milk, some mums find that their baby goes on a bit of a milk strike and won't have as much, making up for it when you get home. Has she had bottles before?

    Most mums tend to err on the side of caution - provide more milk rather than less, depending on how they go with expressing! As for when you should be expressing, your breasts are full and ready to go again about 20-30mins after a feed, so you could try expressing half an hour or so after a feed, see how you go. Or definitely, if she only feeds one side, do the other! That's a really effective way to express, as the baby triggers the let down reflex for you. Some mums find that they don't get a lot out when they express, so you might need several goes to fill a bottle or container. It is a good idea to store the BM in small containers (bags, ice cube trays, etc) and then your mum can defrost smaller amounts as needed. There's nothing worse than the heartbreak of defrosting a 250mL bottle only to have baby refuse it and have to tip it out!

    While you are away, you should try and express a few times so your supply isn't affected, but you don't want to spoil this time with your DH by rushing off to express every three hours. I'd express as frequently as you felt you needed, and were able to, iTMS? So if you have some down time before dinner, express then. Then when you get back to your room, then if you wake overnight feeling full you might need to do it then, and definitely in the morning. Hope that sort of makes sense.

    Does that help?

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    I would need to express if i was away from my LO for a night and a day, but it depends on how much you usually feed in that time. I would definitely pack the pump.

    I think babies take around 750ml in 24 hours, so if you divide by number of feeds in a day you will get an estimate of each feed. Do you know if your little one will take expressed milk? Some babies don't, and this could be your first hurdle.

    When i express for freezer milk, i aim for early morning (before bub is up), or night after he has gone down. i am not coordinated enough to feed and express, but if you can that can be a great way. I don't get huge amounts but they all add up and are ok for what i need them for.

    It is best to store it in smaller amounts (50ml or 80ml) so that you don't waste any by defrosting more than what baby will take.

    Check out these links too

    Also coordinate with your Mum when you will be back and if your LO will need a feed. Nothing worse than getting back and being full to burst, and finding out bub has just had a full bottle.

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    Jan 2010

    I would definitely start ASAP - it's better to have the required amount of milk ready early than not have enough at the time. I agree with the suggestions above to freeze the milk in small amounts. I have ice cube trays with larger than average cubes (27ml) so we can just defrost in small amounts (maybe 2-3 to start with and then more if needed) and have minimal wastage. Oh, once the cubes are frozen I pop out and store in snap lock bags.

    I would definitely express whilst away as you don't want your body thinking the milk is no longer needed - besides, you'll probably start feeling quite uncomfortable if you don't. I'd try and express at least every four hours if it were me.

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    Jan 2011

    Thanks this is exactly what I was looking for

    Great idea about the ice cubes.

    Now I just need to get past my own anxiety about leaving her.

    Why do we have to love our children so much!!!