thread: Being a 'good parent'

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    One of the things DH & I agreed on when Matilda was still in my belly was that all we wanted for her was for her to find out who she was & for us to be able to encourage her to be that. (and hopefully have heaps of fun in the process!)

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    Wow, thanks girls. You've really given me so much to think about. I didn't have the greatest home life growing up and want to be the best I can be for Kynan so that he doesn't go through the same thing. It's always been one of my greatest parenting fears that in 20-30 years time Kynan's going to look back and hate me and think that I've been a bad mother to him!!

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    Really good point Nikki. I think saying no to your kids is very important too.
    My step DD has always been given everything she wants no questions, as her dads family were trying to make up for the family breaking up (13 yrs ago). Now she is unable to see anything past what she wants and has no problem stepping on others to get her own way. She is so rude and inconsiderate to the very people that sacrificed for her it is heartbreaking to watch as it didn't have to be this way.
    There is a really good book on overindulgence I gave to DPs family and that has helped.

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    I agree don't be afraid to say no, so long as you can respect their no's too (within reason of course ie. vs. their safety). We believe in everything straight down the middle. If there are rules for her then they apply for us. I have never EVER said "because I told you so." or "You will do what I say young lady" or any other crap like that. I think if you can respect your children young, they will respect you and with mutual respect you can't really go wrong. We talk about EVERYTHING, not just when I feel like it but ALL the time. If she gets chastised about something we always have a talk about it and I explain every why there possibly is. And I personally think because of this she trusts my judgement and doesn't rebel against things I ask her not to do. Whereas if you just give kids the whole "because I said" etc they start to think that is not enough of a reason and doubt your decisions or try to rebel against them.


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    I guess the main purpose of parenting, other than to love our children is to give them the knowledge to be able to best predict the outcome and consequence of each and every one of their actions.

    But to be able to do this with as much fun and love as we possibly can.