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    God Parents

    Hello all,

    I have chosen Xavier's godparents but the weird thing is, everyone is telling them that all a god parent means is that you buy the baby presents and you are 'nice' to the baby. What the frig is this world coming to!!!
    I have chosen them coz they are a lovely couple who i think will be a great influence on Xavier (or Meghan not sure yet.. )and they think all they need to do is just buy bub pressies!! I also chose them because I think spiritually Bub can ask GF questions and he will be able to answer them.
    Does anyone know what the legal deal is with Godparents once the Bub is christened? I have heard nothing, other ppl say they are next in line guardians...
    Hmmmm.. bit confused and irritated!! :-k

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    Feb 2004

    As far as I know, the only role of Godparents after the christening (this is what they agree to at the christening) is that anything happens to you and your partner, they will make sure that your child is brought up according to your religious beliefs.

    I don't think they are the legal next-in-line gaurdians, unless you specify that in your will. My godmother was my brother-in-law's mother, but my legal gaurdian was my sister, so I think that is up to you. I don't think naming someone as godparents qualifies as legal anything, because a child isn't required to have godparents unless you are religious.

    My brother was my godfather, and he and my godmother never really did anything, except my godmother gave me a present on my first communion. (My brother would have anyway.) Other than that, they had no real impact on my life. (Except my brother, doing brother things)

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    Yeah as far as I know. A godparent named at a christening etc is meant to help oversee the childs upbringing if god forbid anything happened to your or your husband. Most people will usually state in their will who they want to be legal guardians of their children, but if it isn't stated and there are no other family members then godparents have right to say that they wish to do it.

    I am not christened nor is andrew and neither will our children be, but we still had a naming day for Kameron and he still got "godparents" to me that sort of godparent should remember them at birthday's etc, keep an eye out for them and in general just being there for the child, so the child has someone else to go to if he/she can't got to their parents about something. KWIM ?? lol.

    Lachlan will also have a naming ceremony and will also have "godparents" the godfather that we have chosen is very honoured to be chosen and can't wait !!

    Love :smt049

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    Pietta Guest

    That is exactly how i feel about god parents. Thats what i thought. My reasons for wanting them is so that Bub has someone else to look up to and someone else they know will listen to and care for them.
    Thanks for the responses coz I thought maybe I was the only non-religious person with godparents. I asked about the christening thing in case it would be better for us to have him christened (I am catholic by background, not necessarily practising).
    I appreciate the responses, cheers!!!

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    Hi there,

    My DH and I were asked to be Godparents just recently. My thoughts on the idea (and that of the friends who asked us) was that the role of a God Parent is to be a good influence throughout the child's life, and to oversee and be someone to go to with their religious activity.

    I reckon these days, it's not so much to become their guardians if anything happens to the parents. Usually that is stated in the will.

    Speaking of Wills, I have a question - has everyone got theirs organised? That's another job we've been saying "we must do", but still haven't gotten around to it. I think my biggest problem is deciding who will be the legal guardian. I have a brother and my DH has a brother and a sister, and I'm pretty sure it will be out of those three, but it's just narrowing it down from there.

    I believe you can get a "will pack" from the news agent or post office can't you, then all you need to do is get a solicitor to sign off on it? I'm a complete legal idiot.


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    I'm a godmother to my niece, and you have to promise to ensure that your godchild gets the proper religious upbringing if anything should happen to the parents. However I think in todays largely aethiest society its more of an honourary thing. If you have a different view on it, you just need to speak to the prospective godparents about whay you feel it means.

    We had our wills done up properly when we got married, but they really need to be updated as DH has a heap of land in his name now, and if he carked it, it would have to be x-ferred to his folks name to keep the farm together. When we have the bub we will go down to Melbourne again and get them updated.