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    Red face How did you know when...

    hi mummas,

    this may get long as i may blabber but basically how did you know when you were ready to go from baby #1, to baby #2? did you ever know? or did you just not over think it & just do it? i know - hard question.

    our DD is 19 months old (today actually). we have always wanted her to have a sibling & have always imagined the age gap to be pretty close-ish. every day that goes by i think.. wow the gaps getting bigger etc etc. some days i think hell yeah i can have another one, others days i'm like oh hell no!!! is it normal to feel like this? i tend to over think EVERY single thing so maybe i'm over thinking things? hubby is definitely on board with having another one - he brings it up all the time lol.

    i find this decision is consuming me on a day to day basis. it's ALWAYS hovering over me. maybe i'm just doubting it, scared of how it may change things, less time with DD1. gosh knows!!!!

    ANY words of wisdom please

    thanks for reading

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    Re: How did you know when...

    My situation was I was ready well before my husband was so for me it was a wait for the green light. Unfortunately when he was ready our 2nd DD took another 2.5yrs to conceive.
    After her birth then given our history we didn't bother preventing after her birth. Our son didn't come along until just before her 4th birthday.

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    Re: How did you know when...

    we had always said a small age gap. Hubby was keen from about 6mnths lol and i was like hell no! plus i was still feeding DS1 and did so until he was 13months. i then weaned him (i was down to two then one feed a day and still didnt have any signs of periods coming back) and then we just went for it. I didnt really think about it - more okay well he is one, i dont need to feed him now, and we said we would go again, may as well be now? lol

    and as you can tell from my sig - it happened fairly quickly!

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    Re: How did you know when...

    i just had a feeling i couldnt get rid of. when u want a baby it takes over every aspect of your life.... sometimes life just decides for you too. but i just knew. i know i want another too. in about 12mths. dh on the other hand... hes done. discussions to be had here

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    Re: How did you know when...

    Liebling was 4 when I said ok, he's readh to be a brother. He ended up having to wait until he was 8, but I wasn't ready til he was. Not really. I knew I wanted another, but was happy to wait for him.

    I reckon Stormageddon will be ok with it earlier, given his temperament. Will have to wait and see, as I won't wean him just for a small age gap. I'm thinking maybe start trying again just before he turns 3. Hahaha, Liebs will be 11 then and will have had "the talk" at school, his face will be a picture if that happens!

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    Re: How did you know when...

    thanks Mummas for all your replies. i just felt so bad within my self to some days feel ready - & other days to think my gosh how will i manage 2?! - wasn't sure if that was normal or not.

    it's so hard! i remember when we decided to TTC DD1 i felt like this & when she arrived we thought why were we worrying so much - wouldn't change her for the whole entire world!!!!

    so surely i'm just being silly & overthinking. surely i wouldn't regret having #2, but i think i would regret not having #2. have always wanted a sibling for our DD.

    i'm just being silly i think! thanks again

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    Re: How did you know when...

    We always wanted ours close together (they are 16 months apart) we didn't think too hard about it so we wouldn't get scared lol like a bandaid we just did it straight away and didn't think about it

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    Re: How did you know when...

    we wanted a small gap between our kids, and after TTC for 8 years to get our DD we decided to try straightway (took 12 months for my cycle to return). we have 26 months between our oldest 2 so it took 4 cycles.
    then same again between 2 and 3 but sadly had 3 angels before the Finale was conceived, and there are 33 months between the last younger ones.
    I want one more are we are going to TTC until the end of the year and if it happens, then it happens.