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Thread: Different quotes for COH-IUI

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    Angry Different quotes for COH-IUI

    Hi everyone,

    i am very confused about the costs for ovulation induction + artificial insemination. i have researched around the forums and have found different posts. i seem to generally see that QLD's clinics seems to be way cheaper. i am located in melbourne and am looking at monash ivf. i was quoted out of pocket OI $380 and IUI $1560. it doesnt seem to match up. i understand that different specialist might charge differently but over and above $500 difference is too much! so i am hoping you belly girls can help me out and share with me your experiences and recommend me your FS. thanks heaps!

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    The FS we did our IUIs with has now retired, so I can't recommend him for you. He was very cheap though. We were a bit over $100 out of pocket for each one (in 2008).

    A friend of mine just north of Brisbane was paying about $1200 out of pocket at the same time for her IUIs, so not all Qld'ers get a great deal and there can definitely be a huge price difference between doctors.

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    rainieheart, I haven't been on the forum for a couple of weeks sorry. I didn't end up doing the IUI at monash due to some health concerns with my DH. I will though, later down the track. My IUI is actually through Monash Babies which is in the same building. Is that who you are going with? If not visit their page it's MOIS (Monash Ovulation Induction Service) they have all the info you need. My IUI price is $800 per cycle using FSH injections.

    Good luck xx

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    juniper76: thanks! i totally agree. i had a look around again and before we even commit to any FS, the consultation fees are around $200 first thats a really big difference between $100 and $1200 out of pocket!

    tasha: hi tasha, sorry bout the late reply! its ok. i hope everything will be fine for you and your dh. *fingers cross* i went in for a counselling session and to see the patient coordinator at monash ivf and found that information regarding to cost vary differently. because of your post, i rang MOIS and spoke to susan and she told me for the same services, it will cost $800 (will get 10% back fr medicare)! other out of pocket cost is $100 for counselling (non rebateable fr medicare). that means we will only be out of pocket of $820! i asked her the reason behind the dramatic price difference and she said its because they were a non profit organisation. everything else, including success rates are the same! wow! i am so glad i rang them instead of going ahead with monash ivf.
    have you been through any cycles with them? i hope this price is not too good to be true! i havent heard of many people going through them. but $820 is more than 50% off other ivf places!

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