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Thread: IVF in Melbourne - help please!

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    Default IVF in Melbourne - help please!

    Hi guys,

    Need your help. I have just done my first IVF cycle with Melbourne IVF and have been really upset multiple times by the nurses and am disappointed in the lack of interest shown by both them and my FS. I am having problems obtaining information, speak to or see different nurses every time, am given incorrect information which contradicts what the FS says and I am being made to feel like an idiot when this is so far from the truth it is not funny. Is this what everyone else experiences? Is it just me? Can anyone recommend a FS who might contact me or respond to my (not demanding at all) queries or somewhere with nice nurses who give a damn and where there is some continuity? Or is this it? Would appreciate your advice cos am not sure what to do.


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    Hi Kashby, Not sure who you saw but my FS was extremely busy and I didnt think he really knew where I was up to but I respected his as a FS so stayed with him. I always saw the same nurse unless she was away. I was not made to feel like an idiot even when I clarified things......There are so many FS's you can choose from but I have yet to find one who was 'personable' I just dont think that is who they are.

    If you want to change clinics I have hears CFC has a lovely FS there but I have never been there myself......

    Goodluck and I just believe you just keep asking any and all questions you want until you are happy regardless of what the nurses feel like. Maybe ask to speak to the PLA or counsellor about your concerns cause they should be able to take you concerns to the right people.

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    I am not sure what clinic you are with but I am with MIVF at East Melbourne and I find the nurses really good (generally speaking). My FS is great too. I have been seeing her for almost two years though and she is more personable now than earlier on. She is extremely busy so she doesn't ring me. She will answer emails though - short and sweet usually! Her office staff are great!

    Eta - just noticed you said MIVF... Are you at east melb? PM me the name of your FS

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    That sounds like a terrible experience.

    I'm at Monash ivf & I've found that all of the staff I've dealt with there are very helpful & always happy to go over things or answer any questions.

    I think you should expect nothing less at your clinic. Maybe you could express your concerns to your FS?
    All the best, hope things get better.

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    hi kashby, sorry you feel like you are been given the run-around. i am with mivf too, i switched clinics last year. having experienced 2 clinics now, i can say that there are pro's & con's for each. i have experienced the same as you at mivf regarding the nurses not calling me back/giving me contradictory info to what FS has told me/seeing a different nurse every time (how many are there anyway?!) etc. however i really like my FS, she is proactive, positive and is willing to work with me, not just tell me whats happening and push me out of the door. i have decided to put up with the nurses/admin side and tell myself that at least i trust my FS (and like n2l, my FS's office staff are great, so i usually just ring them rather than the nurses...!).
    at my previous clinic, FS wasnt as proactive and took an 'its a numbers game' approach to my protocols, didnt want to try anything new etc. however the nursing system was great (in hindsight!), called you back quickly, able to give you info re: follices sizes/embryo quality etc. i could even call the lab and discuss fertalisation/embryo quality etc. this was a smaller clinic though, so prob had more time.

    i can give you the name of my FS too, if you like.

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    Thanks for your input guys

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    I am at Monash IVF & my FS is really busy too but would call back & answer any questions I had. I have the same nurse each time too & unless she is away or very busy I always deal with her. Might be time to look at another FS. Best of luck

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