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Thread: Please!! recommend FS for older IVFer in Brisbane

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    Default Please!! recommend FS for older IVFer in Brisbane longing4theLittleOnes
    Hello every one,

    I'm new here & looking for help from you.

    I'm 44+yro and I know my time is running out. Me and my partner have TTC for 3 yrs and only decided to do IVF from early this year. Due to my age, on my 1st try we've managed to get 3 eggs (with 450iu Gonal-F CD2-11, EC at CD12), but non of them fertilizeddid even though we did ICSI (my DP had sperm morphology/abnormalty issue in the past). . Next 3 trys I've got nothing to pick up, so had all been cancelled. (2nd try Fermera D2-6, Gonal-F 300iu CD5-7, then increased to 450iu CD8-10; 3rd try was Clomid only; 4th try back to 450iu Gonal-F jnjection from CD2-CD10). My FS said he has tried the top dosage and 'you can't squeeze water out of a rock' and he think this should be a stop point for injectables which he believes probably the most effective method for me.

    From many other small things which i don't want to mention (to respect many good comments about him on some other forums), i just feel I'm an unfavorable patient to him, as he's so busy and most other ladys are much more easier than me to get a positive result.

    I wish i can hear from someone who knows a FS in Brisbane who's willing to take on the hard task for an older IVFer, who has attention to details (as I have other fertility issues need to be taking care of) and remembers what protocol/medicine I'm on/what's the purpose for scaning...

    Really appreciate you spend time on my story and any input...

    In case someone need to PM me, please use longing4theLittleOnes at hot mail dot com

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    Hi so sorry to hear of your troubles. I have just messaged you. Best wishes x

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