Please note that due to frequent legal defamation threats that resulted in our obstetric forum (they dont like bad things being said about them or they attempt to sue me as site owner) this forum will also be a closed one. You can post a thread but you will need to ask for members to PM or email you with their feedback. Apologies for the inconvenience but we got sick of the Ob forum turning into an Ob promotion thread, when we can't share bad experiences as well or we'll be silenced with threats of legal action.

This forum is now moderated, so threads and posts must be approved by a moderator before they go live. This means you won't see your posts right away. Please don't ask us where they are unless it's been several days since you posted (it may take some time for mods to get to it, please be patient).

If you've posted in response to a thread, your post most likely won't be approved, unless it's about something other than an FS recommendation (if you're giving advice on where best to park, or something like that for instance).

If you are new to BellyBelly and seeking advice, please include an email address where members can respond to you. It's best to use the xxx at xxx dot com format, rather than [email protected] to avoid spammers. Alternatively you can spend some time here and post around the forums to gain PM access.

You moderating team