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Thread: Westmead FC Experiences??

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    Default Westmead FC Experiences??

    Hey Ladies,

    Just wondering if any of you ladies are going through treatment through Westmead IVF and what your experiences have been like?
    I'm going for my first nurses appointment tomorrow and 1st round of IVF so would love to here from you as to what to expect.


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    Hi Mia,

    I am going through WFC.
    Havent done much but blood tests and ultra sounds with them (+ called them a million times) but they always been lovely.
    I really like it there, the clinic itself is new, perking pretty easy and nurses are friendly. It also happens to be one of the cheapest places around, which is not reflective of how good it is.

    Your first appointment will just involve being shown around, going through medical history, discussing which treatment plan you are going with.

    Hope you like it too.

    Lise xx

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    liseyt - thanks for your reply and comments. We had the appointment today and like you advised we had our photo taken and spent about 2 hours there with the friendly nurse and then the financial guy.
    My head is swimming with info now but atleast I know what Im in for and its not so much the injections I have to get my head around its more the actual procedure. I just hope I'm one of those ladies that falls asleep with the sedation. I dont want to be awake (preferably!) LOL
    The nurse was very nice and patient and answered everything I threw at her hahaha Very happy so far aswell and I should be starting the pill around the 12-14th Jan.
    When do you start or when did you get started? LOL dont worry about stalking me its nice to have someone going through the same thing at the same place to chat with
    The nurse was saying that when the day of collection occurs usually there's other women waiting there doing the same thing however most dont chat to each other about whats going on, be that due to the personal nature of whats happening or/and they probably are worried and dont want to chat! I was suprised, I would love to chat to someone while I'm there just wasting time cos all of us are goin through the same thing but I'll take a book or mag just incase. We'll see what happens cos who knows I might be THAT scared I will be quiet too hahahaha who knows!

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    Hi again Mia,

    glad your appointment went well. told you they were nice and I have always found them really easy to talk to (prob because they are so use to all the stressed out + hormonal women they deal with daily).

    I have my appointment on the 10/1. that is when i start my injections again and all goign according to plan will have harvest between 31/1-3/2.

    If 12-14th works for you, when does that make harvest due? we might be there at the same time... then we could chat lol.

    I am hoping I sleep through it as well, it's the only bit I am really freaking out about- have heard it hurts!!! other clinics put their women to sleep... Why didnt we go there??? xxx

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    Hi Ladies,
    just wanted to see if you had any success? How was your EC? Was is as bad as you expected?
    Also, is anyone planning to start their cycle in March 2012? Have you tried contacting the clinic, is there a waiting list this month?
    All the best

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    Hi Babychino - I'm actually in the TWW as I had my ET last wednesday so unfortunately I wont be able to update you on success until Sunday week.
    Westmead FC was very good and the IVF process wasnt AS bad as I had set it in my mind to be. It took awhile (6wks) from start to this point but its gone quicker then I thought.
    I had a cycle where I started with the pill, then synorel nasal spray and then the puregon (pen) injections which I gave myself.
    The trigger shot I got my dad to give to me cos its an actual needle but its all drawn up and ready to go, the only reason I got him to do it is cos DH was too chicken and I didnt like the look of the saringe as the puregon was just a simple pen needle it didnt look so intimidating (if that makes sense)?? But it was NO big deal.
    I got 6 follies on EC and 5 fertilised, we went to 5 day blastys and ended up with 3 to freeze and one to place in me.
    It was a quick 10 mins for the ET and I was out of there and home. I rested for 2 days at home (but its not necessary), today I'm just chilling at home and waiting waiting LOL No real signs as yet
    You have to start crinone gel 2 times a day (unless told differently for your situation) this is a sapository but its nothing to worry about and MUCH easier then the needles etc
    it has progesterone so that helps with everything.

    I hope this helps a little any q's you have about Westmead dont be afraid to ask

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    Default resoryte used

    Hi Mia,
    thanks for responding so promptly I wish you all the very best and I know how hard it is to go through that 2 WW...I have already done an IVF cycle in IVF Australia and spent a fortune, with no success
    How was the EC? Have you gone to sleep or just a local anest? Did you have a long waiting time when came for BT and US?
    thanks again!

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    No worries anytime
    I've heard IVF Australia is quite expensive, not sure why there's SO much of a difference between one FC and another. Sorry to hear your try with them was not a success, hopefully the next one will stick.
    The EC was good, it was done in the actual Westmead Hospital. I would take your DH a little earlier so he can find the place where he has to go cos mine (and many others) got lost on the way. Its also within the hospital but its on the other side and there's a lot of "turn here turn there" but my DH just asked people and he got there ontime
    EC itself wasnt AS bad as I thought either, you go in and then they sit you in a little waiting room with a big tv, and as the morning goes on more ladies come in for the same procedure. The nurses ask you a few q's prior to the procedure and weigh you. Then they give you 2 gowns, a hat and slippers to put over your feet. Not a sexy look but its all standard.
    Then you get called in and walk with the nurse to the 'room' and there's the FS and more nurses. They prep everything ask you to lye down and put oxygen around your nose which is all fine.
    The FS then hooks up the IV and gives you a sedative. You are semi awake throughout the procedure but its VERY quick and you dont feel much.
    Some people do fall asleep, I was in and out really. Then the FS tells you how many follies they got and writes it on your hand cos you're drugged you'll most likely forget LOL
    Then they wheel you to a room with other patients but you have curtains between everyone so its very private.
    The nurses monitor you throughout and give you more pain meds if you need them. Once you dont feel pain and are awake (takes about an hour) they give you something to eat and drink then ask you to change and
    go back in the waiting room you had been in before the procedure. This is where you wait and get monitered a little more and then they ring your DH to pick you up. He just goes to the FC which is right next door and brings a wheelchair for you (its a fair walk within the hospital to get to the FC so trust me this is awesome especially after this procedure).
    He picks you up and then you both go to the FC and the scientist sees you and tells you how everything is looking etc and that they'll ring you the next day on whether you will have a 2 day or 5 day ET etc
    US and BT were easy, when you have an US scheduled you just go a little earlier (like 20mins before your appointment) and the nurses call you in to do that prior to the u/sound so its quick and easy really.
    When you only need a BT they are also open from 6:40am so if you go in at that time there isnt many people and you are out of there in about 10mins. I found with the BT you were only in the clinic for about maximum 20mins.
    Is this much of a difference to IVF Australia?

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    Default unforseen tledsv

    thanks again
    sounds very similar, except you are completely knocked out for EC, and after the EC is done, they will send you home, and you don't get a chance to speak to a scientist until the next morning.

    Also, they've only given me 1 tube of crenone to use per day, which I've now learned is not enough, so when I started bleeding on 8 post ET, I was told that I'm pregnant but my progesterone is very low so they gave me pessaries, but it's didn't help..there is a lot of contradicting information on internet on whether the lack of progesterone caused the miscarriage or whether the miscarriage is the reason progesterone went to lesson learned for me, to ask for more progesterone.
    They've scheduled a FET next month , without any waiting, but on a day of ET I found out that my embryo didn't thaw ( even though it was 5d blasto, grade AA...), on the day I had a few nurses and a scientist calling me to make sure I'm ok) but I've asked them to get my FS to call me back, which he never did.

    The reason we went with IVF AUstrlia is the same as for many- GPs do not refer you to WFC, many don't even know of it's existence.I've only learned about it thought Internet search. As for the price, HUGE, difference, all together, we spent around 9 k ( 6 k for fresh, and 3 k for frozen)

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    I have 2 crinone tubes a day so it seems everywhere is different. It does give me a little nausea and when you're looking for signs in this dreaded TWW its annoying but I suppose its necessary so what can you do?!

    WOW you've been through a lot also. I have 3 Frozen Embies from my fresh transfer and thats the thing I'm most scared about ie the thawing process, cos I've heard a lot dont make it.
    I just try to go one step at a time and am hoping this little embie is doing its job as we speak.

    Wonder why the FS dont reccomend Westmead, could it be cos you're in another area further away and IVF Australia is closer??
    Weird, but all I can say is that we didnt pay anything close to that amount. We did the non ta threshold option (you cant claim anything back through tax) and paid $1450 but we get back $500 from the FC so all up $900.
    I looked at Sydney IVF and I knew I couldnt afford to go through there and since we're close to Westmead my FS referred us there cos she works there also.

    Sending you GL and hope your experience with Westmead is a good one as it has been for me

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    thanks Mia, please keep us posted on your progress, I will do too, I'm sure many read these threads and are interested in the feedback!
    PS: our GP didn't even know about the I've told her about it and she said that she will definetely tell her patients about it from now on!

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    Hey Babychino, how's it going?
    Just thought I'd let you know I got a and I have my BT on monday!
    Very excited and thought I'd tell you so you see re the success through WFC

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