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Thread: Westmead FC - experinces and waiting list? times? for IVF. Any stories, information.

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    Default Westmead FC - experinces and waiting list? times? for IVF. Any stories, information.

    Hi all,

    After four failed attempts of clomid my partner and I have decided (today) to try IVF. We have to make our first call to WFC this week, I am very excited, but anxious all the same. I have read some experinces that people have had, but have seen mixed information about waiting times. Is anyone able to share their stories about waiting times from the first phone call. My FS gave me a script for the pill in order to time the whole process, which is to be started hopefully on the first phone call. Any stories would be great.


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    Hi LW,
    Have been with WFC x3, in 2007, 2010 and just started - today. Didn't have to wait for the first two cycles, ICSI then FET. Was to begin Antagonist ICSI at beginning of Jan, but AF came early and given the closures over Xmas/NY missed out by 2 days . Otherwise not a worry. Hope you get the same response! They are great. My DH has an issue that one of the nurses has never acknowledged him when he comes in with me, but otherwise, not a prob! All the best.

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    Thankyou so much fo your reply. I called them on Wednesday and the nurses are due to call me back today, couldn't give me a time so I am a bit worried I'll miss the call while I am at work.

    I am not usually this impatient about things, but I am keen to just get things started and also learn what it is all about. My cycles are long and irregular so I have no idea how they will time that, I am guessing with the pill??

    Best of luck to you


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    HI ladies,
    I'm going to start my cycle with Westmead IVF in March. I've had an unsuccessful attempt with IVF Australia at Greenwich, wasted enourmous amoutn of $$$..
    I had my initial consultation at WIVF with dr Rachel Bradbury and I also had an interview with a nurse, who was lovely too.
    So far I haven't had any problems and looking forward to starting my cycle in a couple of weeks, please let's keep in touch and share our experiences.
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    I am currently in the March cycle with Westmead as well hope all is going well for you

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