thread: Baby Beehinds Bamboo really hard!!!

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    Question Baby Beehinds Bamboo really hard!!!

    I have been building up my stash of fitted nappies and bought one secondhand BBH bamboo as I had read rave reviews here on BB. Anyway it is really hard!!! I haven't tried it yet as I am scared of hurting DS with it! I expect it to be roughish as it is bamboo etc but this is like a sackcloth!! And because it is so fitted it means the gathering around the legs is quite rough and hard. Is this normal or have I just got a dud?

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    Aug 2008

    I don't think this is normal. One of the things I love about BBH bamboo is the softness. I did find that if they dried quickly on a hot day, they would go a little hard (but not as hard as you've described). Do you have a dryer? Pop it in on low and that should soften it up.

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    nah, it's pretty normal for well used ones. Mine are quite hard, especially if they have gone 'crisp' in the sun (ie I haven't gotten them off when they are dry and they have stayed out there too long).
    Have you got a dryer?
    Give em a rinse and let it partially dry. Finish it off in the dryer to fluff it up a bit. A Tennis ball in there with it will help too.

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    Or if you don't have a dryer, just scrunching it alot in your hands will help soften it up.

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    try decreasing the rpm on your washing machine too (if u can do that). i find that helps a bit.