thread: Do you add extra?

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    Jul 2009

    Do you add extra?

    With your cloth fitted to you add boosters or liners or anything to the nappy ? if so what do u use

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    Sep 2005
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    don't use many fitteds now except bbh bamboo, but only occasionally if I knew it would be a bit longer before I had to change it did I boost my tots bots cotton nappies. Generally i used a prefold or a bamboo booster that I had made.
    never added liners though.

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    Oct 2007

    yes I use fleece liners, or if its around poo time I use a flushable liner

    at night time I will use a booster - but I put it on the outside of the nappy so its not so bulky. I use BBH fitteds.

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    Sep 2007

    I usually use a fleece liner, coz DS is very sensitive, but other than that, only if I think it'll be on long enough. Over night I might use a bamboo fitted, but instead of the boosters that come with it, I'll use a green kids insert. He's older so doesn't wee as much though

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    Oct 2006

    we use the flushables around poo time too.. ive also just started using itti stay dry snap in toppers on top of the long booster in my BBH fitted.. works really well, keeps him dry coz hes very sensitive and doesnt move around coz its snaps on