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Thread: Fitteds vs AIO/2

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    Default Fitteds vs AIO/2

    Hi there,

    I was originally looking only at AIO/2s but have recently been thinking about fitteds. What are the benefits of fitteds over AIO/2s?

    I am also thinking that if I get fitteds I will go with BBH. Any reviews on fitted BBH?

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    I chose to go fitted with covers over AIO/AI2 due to cost. They are economical to buy and you don't wash the cover every time so the PUL will last for ages (whereas an AIO you are washing the PUL every use). Plus most fitted nappies are OFSM.

    I am a bit sceptical of only changing the "inner" bit of an AI2 - as I'm sure the wee would get on the outer as well, unless the "inner" was large, practically a fitted nappy itself.

    I have a lot of BBH fitted nappies - one bought new and the rest bought second hand. They are great as they fit a wide range of sizes and are very very absorbant. I doubt you'd find an AIO/AI2 that is as absorbant as a BBH fitted. DS wears then overnight (sometimes with a booster if I can lay my hand on one) and they last him 12 hours. Drying time is 1 day in partial sun in QLD weather. Not as trim as an AIO/Ai2 but the pay off is absorbancy.

    Happy to answer any questions you have.

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    I prefer AIO/2's over fitteds as I have a very wiggly bub and there is no way she would lay still enough to put two layers on. I have enough trouble getting one on and tend to do up the second side as she's rolling over or moving away.

    I think they're a little trimmer then fitteds so fit under clothes better (not so necessary now, but during colder months). With Ai2's I still change completely each time, although I know that some only change the booster.

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    I like the AIO/2 better, OSFM can be very bulky and you can have trouble fitting clothes ver them like Molly said.
    I use BBH Magiic alls sized nappies and the Petties AI2 love both of them.

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