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Thread: Stupid question regarding staying dry

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    Default Stupid question regarding staying dry

    Hi all,

    I realise this is a stupid question so please keep the eye rolling to a minimum

    A lot of AOI, pocket etc always refer to a "stay dry" layer next to the babies skin, so that it wicks the moisture away so the baby doesn't feel wet. So my stupid quesion is that do fitted have this stay dry layer? All or only some?



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    Default Good Question! (No eye roll here)

    Good question Volara... (My eyes are not rolling )

    I haven't come across any fitted's that state that they have a built in stay dry layer... but I have come across stay dry inserts?.. Hmmm..... I am going to watch this thread because I wanna know if there are any fitted's out there with a built in stay dry layer

    There ya go Volara they can eye roll at us both

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    None that I have come across. Most are made totally out of bamboo or hemp so no stay dry layer there. However, if you added a microfleece liner yourself, you would have a stay dry layer.

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    Thanks! Hmm then fitted nappies wouldn't be great during the night then as they would feel wet and
    perhaps wake up...

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