thread: Rice paper roll recipe please

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    Rice paper roll recipe please

    Dd is happy with bland boring stuff for school lunch but I need to get her eating healthier. When she hasa lunch order she has beef teriyaki rice paper rolls so thought I might try to make some. I have never tried to make anything like that so would love a recommended recipe rather than just via google. I love them myself especially the sauce that goes with them so need the sauce recipe too thanks.

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    They're pretty easy once you get the knack of rolling thm.
    You need to get what ever fillings rock your boat - I like to have mint and coriander in mine plus whatever....... chicken, prawns, grated carrot, cucumber with the seeds cut out, shredded lettuce..... they're all good. My Korean friend used to put pineapple in hers. That was good too.
    You also need vermicilli (sp) rice noodles cooked, cooled and drained (the instructions will be on the pack).
    The wrappings come in a round box in the Asian section or at the Asian supermarket. Bigger and thicker are easier to work with.

    Chop your fillings up finely.
    Dip your rice paper in warm to hot water for about 5 seconds. Put it on your work surface and let it soak in the water that is on the surface.

    Put some noodles and filling in a line down the center, fold the ends in then, roll it in.

    Maybe watch a you-tube video or look for a video on taste to see the technique.

    Sauce - a very simple one is lime juice (or lemon), fish sauce (or light soy), brown sugar/palm sugar, rice vinegar and a drop of oil shaken up together. If you put fresh chilli on the table and little bowls everyone can heat their own sauce. When I make this sauce I make it before the rolls and put a bruised garlic clove and bruised slice of ginger in it and take them out before serving.


    1 cup (8 oz) hoisin sauce (if sauce is thick, use about 1/4 cup warm water to reach desired consistency)
    1/4 cup smooth peanut butter
    1 Tbs rice vinegar
    2 garlic, crushed
    1 minced thai chili, or more for desired spiciness

    Blend - add extra water if you need to.
    Sprinkle crushed peanuts on top. You can leave the chilli out and let people add their own.
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    Yum! I love rice paper rolls, but I've never thought to make them myself. Any idea what they marinate the chicken in?

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    I make a sauce using equal amounts of sweet chilli, kecap manis, and light soy (or fish sauce if you have fish), a sprinkle of sugar and about half a juicy lime. Then I taste it and add more lime or whatever I want a bit extra of. Then usually a dilute it with a bit of water but I wouldn't if you are making it ahead of time. We usually use tofu but you can use the same sauce as a marinade before you add the lime juice in.

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    First thing to remember is the first roll always turns out bad. For every batch. No matter how experienced you are at rolling!

    I use for the filling (everything chopped up very finely):
    Cooked chicken
    Grated carrot
    & obviously rice paper and cooked rice vermicilli noodles

    And for dipping sauce:
    Soy sauce
    Sweet chilli sauce
    Fish sauce
    Lime juice
    Sprinkle of palm sugar
    Diced chilli (I love chilli.. haha)

    Otherwise, if you just get the spring roll dipping sauce in the Asian aisle it's not as good but quick and easy.

    My big tip is you must have a damp (obviously clean!) tea towel to roll on. So soak rice paper in warm water, then place on damp towel. Oil your fingers slighltly when rolling with sesame oil so you don't stick to the paper.

    Also, there's always recipes with a diagram for rolling on the back of rice paper packets.

    Good luck & happy eating

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    I have NEVER made them. DH hates them. And I love them with coriander (another of his hates) so I haven't bothered. Boo.

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    Dislike Rouge I'll eat them with you! I LOVE coriander (I think I make chilli & coriander rolls with a touch of everything else haha).

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    Mmmmm my mum and I are making these for dinner tonight!!! I love coriander!!!! I put it through my salads as well!

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    Made them and eaten them. Can't believe I have not made them before. They were easy and yum! Thanks for the tips ladies.

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    I always fill mine with heaps of finely chopped home grown mint - everyone loves them!

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    I always fill mine with heaps of finely chopped home grown mint - everyone loves them!
    How do they taste with MINT? Never tried them with mint.