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Thread: Toddler Food Recipes

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    Default Toddler Food Recipes

    New thread...same as before...just for older kids or those of us pretending to be kids

    ***From: Practical Parenting Magazine, June 2003 Ed.***

    Mini Zucchini Cakes

    Makes 12


    1 1/2 C grated zucchini
    1/2 C grated carrot
    1 small onion, chopped
    3 eggs
    1/2 C grated cheese
    1/2 C self-raising flour
    1 tsp tomato paste
    1 stock cube
    1/4 C milk
    1 tsp each of rosemary,
    basil and oregano.
    Ham/bacon (optional)


    Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, mixing well. Spoon mixture into mini muffin trays sprayed with canola cooking spray and bake in 180 C oven for 20 minutes, or until top bounces back when tapped lightly. Serve warm or cold.

    ***These are great for travelling snacks, or lunchbox fillers...and if you like pumpkin try adding 1/2 Cup of grated pumpkin instead of carrot...


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    -----Australian Baby and Toddler Meals by Robin Barker------

    Basic Frittata

    4 toddler serves - Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Finger Food

    1 tablespoon olive oil
    300g small zucchini (thinly sliced)
    4 eggs, lightly beaten
    100ml full cream milk

    1. Heat the oil in a heavy-based frying pan and saute the zucchini over a low heat for about 10-15 mins, or until soft.
    2. Mix the eggs, milk and pepper together and pour over zucchini
    3. Cook until set underneath. Turn it over or put the pan under a medium hot grill for a few minutes, or until the frittata is golden and set.

    Variation - Add sliced onions, leeks mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicum or other leftover vegetables and cook with the zucchini. Add grated cheddar or parmesan cheese to egg mixture or sprinkle over before grilling the frittata.

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    I found some great recipes online whilst trying to look up things to do with toddlers

    Here goes...


    2 cups flour
    4 tablespoons of cream of tartar
    2 tablespoons of oil
    1 cup salt
    food colouring
    2 cups water

    Mix ingredients on a stove for approx 3-5 minutes until it forms a ball. Let it cool and keep it in an airtight container.


    2 cups of flour
    1/2 cup of salt
    3/4 cup of warm water

    Mix ingredients together in a bowl. If the dough is a little dry add water a little at a time. Make a ball of dough then flatten it to about a one inch thickness in the shape of a circle.
    Press the hand or the foot or a shell, a leaf or other object into the dough to make an imprint. Gently lift it off and bake this at 325 degrees in the oven until hard or let it air dry a couple days. After that you can decorate it. The dough can be coloured by adding some food coloring.


    2 cups water
    6 cups cornflour
    food colouring

    Mix all together. It's great for the kids to get messy with and it's safe if they eat it - not that it will taste any good!

    Bath Tub Paint

    2 tablespoons of sugar
    1/3 cup cornflour
    2 cups cold water
    1/4 cup clear dishwashing liquid
    Food coloring

    Mix the sugar and cornflour in a small pan, slowly add water. Cook over low heat stiring until mixture becomes a smooth, almost clear gel - about 5 minutes. When mixture cools, stir in soap. Scoop equal amounts into containers and stir in fool coloring.

    Coloured Rice (great for filling softdrink bottles)

    1/2 cup Uncooked white rice
    food colouring
    1/2 teaspoon vinegar

    Place 1/2 cup of rice, 5 drops of food colouring and 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar into a bowl and mix. Place onto a tray and bake for 45 minutes to dry out.

    Peanut Butter Play Dough

    2 cups of peanut butter
    2 cups of powdered milk
    3 tablespoons honey

    Mix together all above ingredients. Add more powdered milk, one tablespoon at a time if it is too sticky

    Finger Paint

    1/2 cup flour
    2 cups water
    food coloring

    Mix the flour with a little bit of water and smooth out any lumps. then put it over some heat adding the remaining water. Keep stirring until it gets smooth and shiny. Separate into different baby jars or yoghurt containers and add drops of food colouring to make different colours.

    Paper Mache

    strips of newspaper

    Mix the flour and water together. Dip the strips of newspaper into the flour/water mixture.

    *****Recipes from the Aussie Toddlers Website*****


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    Hey Anney,

    What about...

    - Fruit based or savoury mini muffins
    - Mini quiche things
    - Cheese sticks
    - Fresh fruit and/or vegies cut up and served with dips
    - Fruit or yoghurt based icey poles (wouldn't be too hard to make your own I reckon)
    - Pikelets served with a variety of toppings


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