thread: What's your evening meal stop-gap?

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    Jan 2006

    chickpea burgers - puree a can of chickpeas, add a tablespoon of chutney, one egg and a quarter of a cup of self-raising four, then fry into fritters. even meat-eaters love them.

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    Dec 2010

    I like to have "create-a-meal" packets in the freezer and some kind of stirfry meat, dinner in 15mins..... the tupperware microwave rice cooker cooks rice that doesnt need draining in 10mins and and the create a meals have sauce and veges all ready for the frypan.....

    other than that we are definately toasted sanga fans too.
    my hubby likes pasta with butter and my daughter eats it, but that sounds boring and gross to me so I prefer noodles with canned tuna and or cheese.

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    Sep 2009

    Nachos! and to make it healthy, add avo, grated carrot, chopped tomatos, char grilled red peppers and letuce on top

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    Oct 2006
    Gold Coast, Queensland

    Baked beans topped with a fried egg.

    Spaghetti Alio Olio (with garlic and olive oil, a little salt, a hint of chilli), top with loads of freshly grated parmesan or similar and stir some roughly chopped baby rocket through it. Yummmmm

    Sautee some spring onions, capsicum or whatever else you have in your fridge, add some eggs, stir it up to make a kind of bubble and squeak type thing. If you have any ham, bacon or cooked sausages lying around, you can put them in there, too.

    Sardines on toast

    Can't think of anything else right now...

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    Sep 2008

    another one thats good here is i steam vegies in a stove top steamer with pasta in the bottom, then i puree the vegetables with some cream and or avocado to make pasta with vegie sauce!
    quick and its easy as it all cooks together

    Olive - just wanted to thankyou for this one again. We've had a shocker of a week... no energy at all to cook tonight, but thought I could manage this. I really wanted to get some veg into DD as she's been sick and refusing most foods all week. Well, it was a WINNER! She loved it and so did we.

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    im glad shes liked it darl!!
    its a winner here too, DD1 asks for it quiet often

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    Jul 2010

    Re: What's your evening meal stop-gap?

    I'm just reading through some old posts and thought I'd add:

    Coat 2 chicken breasts in seasoning (I love Moroccan), chuck them in the fry pan with lid on. Microwave a packet rice (I use chicken flavour). When chicken is done slice it and pile on top of the rice Takes 10 minutes.