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Thread: 5 Month old continually throwing up.

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    Default 5 Month old continually throwing up.

    I'm a Grandad and we have a 5 month old boy who is on a Formula. The only thing I know about the Formula that it is something 'Gold' if that means anything to you folks.
    Well, I don't know how he is putting on weight as he constantly chucks this stuff up most of the time.
    His father was much the same as a child and we eventually put him on some canned soya bean milk (I hope I got that right) and there were no further problems. What do you think about that?

    Mummy has asked the Paediatrician about what to do and he has stated that if he is putting on weight, don't worry. That's not much fun 'cause it's very and him.

    Any suggestions?

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    Do you see a Maternal Health Nurse?

    I don't think Soy is any good anymore (yanno, new research etc), some kids are just happy chuckers...

    I really hope someone with DECENT advice comes in to help, I just wanted to say welcome to BB xoxoxo

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    Some babies are just happy chuckers, you could just be unlucky you happened to get one of those!
    If he is otherwise happy and healthy and putting on weight then I wouldn't be too concerned. It may just seem like a lot coming out when really it's not, but it's hard to say when we aren't the ones there with him.
    Lots of spew cloths

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    Sometimes chucking can be as a result of the valve at the top of the stomach not being strong. In some babies it takes longer to strengthen than others. As long as he is otherwise happy and healthy and developing (and since he is seeing a paed and being checked for weight gain you know that's okay), etc, it isn't anything to worry about. The amount coming back up usually looks more impressive than it is.

    His valve will strengthen in time and this won't be an issue. My DD constantly possetted (which is small amounts, but also genetic, since I was a projectile chucker as a baby!) until about 7 1/2 mths, when she suddenly stopped.

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