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Thread: Feeding more than 240ml a feed..

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    Default Feeding more than 240ml a feed..

    Hello ladies!

    I have a question...

    My son is 5.5 months and has always been a big eater. He has been on 4x240ml bottles for a good couple of months now, we went through a bit of a rough patch with him being v difficult during feeds, however he seems to be over that and well and truly has his appetite back. He is polishing off his 240mls in no time, and I think he could drink more if I offered it to him. His last feed before bed is his biggest...last night he had 360ml! It seems too much...but he was cranky and crying after his feed so I gave him some more, which he happily gulped down!

    I have asked the CHN if I should be offering more than 240ml but she said no. I'm not sure what to do...he's such a hungry monkey! His weight and height are fine, so he's not overweight at all.

    Does anyone else give more than 240ml?

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    My DS often had more than 240ml. He would polish off 400ml some nights. He was a bit older than your DS when he did that though - 10 -12 mths. Now he only has 200ml but he still has a feed overnight most nights of another 150ml. If your DS's weight is fine, then I don't think it matters how much he drinks.

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    Sounds like he needs to extra milk - have you considered introducing a small amount of solids given he is nearly six months?

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