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    Hi everyone,

    I would appreciate you opinion on the matter of Follow On Formula.

    My DD has been on Heinz Nurture Gold starter formula and has gone really well on this formula. I have recently changed her to Karicare Follow On formula but she has become constipated on this formula. I have been told that she can remain on Step 1 if she has a good varied diet. Well, is I'm not sure if her diet is varied enough at this point in time. She is nearly 7 months old and has been on solids since she turned 6 months. She has some pureed fruits in the morning, baby yoghurt at lunch and pureed vegies at dinner, so she doesn't have any meats just yet. Is this considered to be varied enough at the moment? In terms of amount, she eats about a half - two thirds of a jar of food.
    The Heinz nurture Step 1 formula has more iron in it than the Step 2 Karicare! But the Karicare has a little more protein, so I'm really not sure what to do. She is perfectly happy on the Step 1 (and she is a chubby litttle baby so there are definately no issues of weight gain!!).

    Thanks for your time and thoughts,

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    I use S26 but we had the same problem when I changed her to Step 2 formula, she was badly constipated for a couple of weeks and i decided to change back to Step 1 because nothing else was working. She doesn't eat a whole lot of solids, yoghurt/fruit in the morning, a piece of bread & vegemite or a cruskit for lunch and vegies for dinner. I just put some leftover spag bol in the freezer which I pureed up a little bit for her and she doesn't seem to keen on it yet. Some green vegies are supposed to have a fair bit of iron so maybe offer her some for dinner if you feel she isn't getting enough out of her food. I would say she would be fine though, i don't think there is a huge difference in the amount of iron between formulas

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    Stick with Step 1. have heard of some child health nurses recommending instead of the Follow On untill 12 months. Other than that you could try NAN HA as it partially hydrolyised so the protein is slightly broken down and easier to digest. Pureed pears also really help too.

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