The following article was sent to me via email. All links have been removed. PM me if you would like the full article. I think there is already an article on BB warning against soy formulas.

PS- Many of you may have seen the brand of formula called Bellamys Organic. If you buy this brand you can be absolutely sure there wil be no GM ingredients as GM is forbidden in food that has been certified organic.

Hi everyone,

In case you missed it there was an excellent story on Channel 7?s ?Sunday Night? programme about GM ingredients being found in baby milk S-26 soy.


First this appeared in the Sunday Telegraph
Parents unaware of baby food ingredients
By Caroline Marcus

Then in the programme ?Sunday Night?, on Channel 7.
You can view it at this link?

Go to Baby Formula Test.



You can take action by going to this link and sending an email to our Federal Health Minister, Nicola Roxon.

There are other suggestions to follow such as returning unused formula to shops.

You can also call Pfizer on 02 9850 3333 and tell them that you will discourage the purchase of their product until it is properly labelled

You can read their response so far at this link?

In their statement they say

?The Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) regulatory limits permit amounts up to 1% of genetically modified material that is unintentionally present, without requiring a product to be labeled as containing GMO.
It is important to note that trace amounts of GMO do not present a health or safety threat to infants. Even the World Health Organization states that "no effects on human health have been shown as a result of the consumption of such foods".

This is typical Industry jargon. If it contains GM ingredient it should be labelled. Food Standards may think it is fine for a 1% contamination rate, but we do not, especially when it comes to feeding babies.
They cannot state that there have been no human health effects as there have been no studies done to either prove or disprove such a statement.

Please share this with others, especially parents with young babies that may be affected.

Don't forget to cast your votes on the GetUp! site where it is asking for new campaign ideas. There are now two regarding GM under the titles 'Genetically Modified Food' and a new idea concentrating on GM and food safety called 'Food Security: is our food making us sick?'