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Thread: Goats Milk Formula Issues

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    My boy is 3 weeks old and I have had him on NAN HA Gold pretty much from birth (with minor BF supplements - my supply was fairly dismal). My chiropractor did an assessment on him and diagnosed some intestinal inflammation and suggested that we try goats milk formula to see if that improves things for him.

    I started him on the Karicare goat's formula yesterday evening and things appear to have gotten worse. Firstly he woke up for a feed every three hours last night (on NAN it was usually at least 4 hours). He has also been crying pretty much all day and has been and all-round unhappy chap. The chiro said that if it is a milk protein intolerance, then we should see a positive change in about two weeks.

    I am just wondering what your experiences have been when making this change from cow's to goat's milk formula. Is it normal for them to be so off-colour after the change? Does it improve? How long did it take before you noticed a positive change?

    Thanks in advance

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    It WILL take bubs gut at least 1 week to get used to the 'change over' in formular...
    We started off on NAN which caused BAD constipation for Jack...moved onto SOY which he tolerated for a while then went back to constipation issues...soo we moved onto goats formular...(which is alot easier on bubs small delicate guts) and found Jack was soo much calmer (a different bub!!) he has since been changed back to Karicare normal formular (my choice as he is older and not getting as much constipation probs as he is eating now)

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