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    I have just weaned DS2 off the boob. When bf'd he was sleeping through the night (9-7:30) but now we are struggling to get till 4 am out of him on formula. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?? He is having the Bellamy's Organic Formula.

    Can we give him a bigger quantity for that last feed of the day?? Or would that cause constitpation??

    I went and looked at all the different formula's today and got abit overwhelmed by it. I noticed the Sweet Dreams one, but it is 6 scoops per bottle for him, that is alot!! Then I saw the SMA one the hungry babies.....Has anyone tried either of these formula's??

    Ahhhhhhh.......I am not complaining about him wakingat 4am at all, its just he will not settle afterwards at all.

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    Going through a growth spurt perhaps?

    Good luck.

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    You will likely find that 6 scoops per bottle just means it's a smaller scoop than the formula you are using at the moment. Afraid I can't really comment on the formulas you mention as I have not used them, but I don't think giving him extra at night will cause constipation. You could always try giving him more at his last feed, or try giving him a dream feed before you go to bed yourselves - that's what we did with Sam right up until the point where he was one solids and didn't seem to need it any more.


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    It could just be that he needs a little time to adjust to having it or it could just be a coincidence that the switch is at a time when he is likely to be more wakeful at this age due to developmental reasons kwim?

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    Like the others have said it could be a coincidence with a growth spurt. My dd2 started waking at 4-4.30am about a month before she started crawling. I put it down to an extreme devlopmental step. I'm pretty sure offering him a bigger bottle before bed isn't going to cause constipation if it hasn't caused it already. If he doesn't want more he won't drink it. The volumes on the tin are just guides. I always offered my dd2 more than was on the tin just because she seemed like she wanted more. Sometimes she'd drink it other times not but she wasn't overfed. I'd give the bigger bottle and see how it went if it was me. Also sending you big hugs from a fellow 4am mama xx

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    It's probably best that you go back to your medical advisors for their opinion . I understand that you had a medicL recommendation to start with formula.. Your medical advsor is best placed to assist you in this situation.
    All the best - let us know how you go