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Thread: Kariecare Gold 1 From Birth

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    hopefullmum2b Guest

    Thumbs down Kariecare Gold 1 From Birth

    Hi everyone, well have just come back from NSW where I was bridsesmaid in my brothers wedding. Anyway while I was back in NSW everywhere I went seemed to stock the Karicare Gold 1 from Birth.

    So I went into one of the chemists and explained to them that I was from Queensland (I'm on the Northside) and that I had been told that Karicare Gold 1 from Birth was not being stocked on the shelves anymore. The Chemist informed me that NSW has lots of supply of this Formula.

    They were then kind enough to call the Company and told them my situation, the companys reply was this: " Yes that is correct we are no longer stocking QLD with the Gold 1 From Birth , and that I could either try the Priceline Stores or the Toys R Us stores in QLD who apprently stock it every now then. They also stated that every state is different in them supplying the Gold 1 Formula. As yet I have not called Priceline or Toys R Us to see what their supply is.

    So NSW has ample supplys of the Gold 1 From Birth formula but
    QLD is only going to be supplied with the GOLD Plus tins from now on.

    Sorry if I've confused everyone but in the short , Nurtricia is no longer supplying QLD with the Gold 1 from Birth formulas but they are supplying other states with this formula as well as the Gold Plus Formula.

    But Adam seems to be settling ok on the S26 Gold, so am not sure that I want to change his formula again back to the Gold 1 from birth.

    I Hope this information is of some help to other mums out there, I was furious when I found out that they were not supplying it back to QLD.

    whats everyone elses thoughts on this ???

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    What makes QLD different from any other state?? I mean do they think your babies dont need that brand or something!!

    VIC has it every where. Id be lost with out it!!

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    becky Guest


    Thats strange. I can still get Karicare Gold everywhere here. (Im on the South Side.) Big W, Target, KMart, Chemists, Woolies.

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    hopefullmum2b Guest


    becky i can't get it any of those stores here on the north side, my local wollies told me once there stores sell the remaining stock that they do have currently on the shelves that will be it they will then only stock the gold plus.

    Kim i also agree with you what makes QLD different to any other state. Its rediculous

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    hopefullmum2b Guest


    i just called Nurtricia, and they have told me taht Gold plus has replaced gold 1 formulas here in QLD, and that any stock that I find in big W, and wolloies etc would be old stock.

    The reason that I would still be able to get gold 1 from Priceline and Toys R Us is taht there wharehouses for those companys is in NSW, and at this stage NSW is till in supply due to Nutrition australia - saying that the prebiotics should not be added to the gold plus- all political apprently going through court case or something she told me. They told me that Gold plus replaced the gold 1 formula over 12 months ago now, so the girl couldn't understand as to how and why i would still be finding the gold 1 formulas on the shelves.

    Anyway eventually here in QLD it will only be gold plus.

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    It sounds pretty silly doesn't it? I think if your ds is doing well on the S26 then don't swap back again. Just something to think about also, we had our ds on Karicare Gold also, then our paed told us the Gold ones were often too rich and packed with excess stuff they don't need so not to bother spending the extra money but just get the cheaper one. Don't know how true this is, and we stayed with the Gold as ds was settled on it, but it does make you think...

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    I'm thinking WTF!!! you cant just chop & change a baby on formula, so when they stop selling what you use you just try something else do you & hope they take to it fine.

    I use Karricare Follow on from that the one you are talking about???? I move to QLD in a month & wont be near a toys r us or anything like that. It will be enought upset with the move!!!

    There is an online store that sells baby items in bulk, such as the formula & it works out cheaper. So if you really want to stick with it you could do that. It's delievered to you, cheaper & you don't have to go running to the shops for it. Think I'll just buy a heap of tins before I move & then DS will be on cows milk. I too don't want to use Gold as my DS was soooo very constipated on S26 Gold & I've heard it's too much for the little ones also.

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    That's weird but I use Karicare Gold Plus from Birth and it's awesome! It's a great formula for my little one!

    BTW, it's $24 in Woolies (when not on special) but I have noticed that in Big W it's only $19! So I'm buying it there from now on....

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    The midwives, community nurses and Ryans paed all said to stay away from the gold because it usually makes them constipated and it's full of extra stuff they can't digest to use properly anyway! I just use normal S26 my mum was fed on it as a baby so it's been around a while and Ryan loves the stuff :-)

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Well the nurses I see and my Paed say that the Karicare Gold Plus is great and Madeleine is certainly not constipated so she's fantastic on it. She's a very healthy Bubba and has been since I started her on the formula. I wouldn't switch now. I think each baby is different. It's funny how nurses and paed's tell you different things! I believe there is no right and wrong formula, just do what's best for you and your Bub.

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