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    My ds2 is 6.5 months old and has been bottlefed for about 3 months. He hated being breastfed and completely refused it. Even now if I hold him close to my breasts he arches his back and head trying to get away. The thing is we can't seem to find a formula that really suits him. We've tried Karicare gold, settled well on that but didn't like it, would only drink a 1/4 of his bottles. We tried bellamy's organic, he loved it but had terrible diareah (sp) on it. Tried s26 gold, which he seemed okay on and drank but he grunted the whole time he was being fed which I thought was weird. Now on Heinz nurture gold but he's super spewy on it, his poos are super runny and he's just not drinking it.

    I don't know what else to try. Whether to shy away from the golds and go to the originals. But then what original do I try? I don't like continually swapping his formula. It was so easy with ds1, put him straight on karicare gold and he never went off it. I'm frustrated and don't know what to do.

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    It sounds like your DS could have a dairy intolerance. It is certainly a possibility from what you describe. It is very hard to diagnose this in babies, as the stool test that is usually done nearly always comes up positive in babies anyway. One thing you could try though is getting a script for some neocate (formula for babies with allergies or dairy intolerance (stay well clear of soy formulas and goats milk in babies under 12 months)) to see if that makes a difference. Unfortunately neocate doesn't taste at all good so your DS might refuse it, but if he drinks it and things go well, it will be a help to you. GL.

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    Try the Karicare De-Lact in the meantime. It is a little bit cheaper than the golds too.

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