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Thread: please help any advice on soy formulas?

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    Default please help any advice on soy formulas?

    I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on Soy formulas?Im just a bit scared to try but i feel at my wits end,I breastfed for a week and DS had no problems pooing but now hes on formula hes been having a real hard time,a pharmacist told me that maybe hes allergic or cant break down the proteins in cows milk?He only goes about every 2 days and there not all soft or mousse like,its only just occured to me that my DD had problems when she stared the formula too and now i dont want him to go down the same road,I started my dd on formula at about 7 weeks and she got badly constiapted straight away and i had to change her to novalac that helped but she also got eczema badly,she still has eczema although not as bad but now im worried theres a link and i shouldve just changed her to a non milk formula to start with,as she still has pooing issues big time,i know i should see a pead or health nurse and i will but i just wanted anyones views or experrience on soy?Ive heard good and bad reports is all(just incase they do recommend a change in formula)hes on Karicare at the moment.Ive tried the brown sugar and all sorts to get him going

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    Personally I wouldn't give soy to an under 12 month old after the discussions I've had with dieticians I know, but I guess you need to do your own research and decide for yourself. Formula can block babies up from the added iron and supplements so it's not necessary an intolerance causing the problem. However if it is an intolerance, there is a good chance that soy will have the same effect - most babies who are intolerant to cows milk protein have an issue with soy also. I don't know your situation but if going back to breastfeeding is an option, this is especially helpful for babies with food intolerances.

    If you still have any breastmilk, that is a great laxative, so offering a breastfeed or expressing some and giving it to him could help, even if going back to breastfeeding is not an option for you. Otherwise, trying a different formula is a good idea, preferably one that is not a "gold" as these seem to be more likely to cause constipation. Offering some cool boiled water between feeds might help things move along also.

    GL hun, I hope you find something that works

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    Definitely see a paediatrician if you think there is a milk protein allergy. My son has one. Soy formula is recommended for use with babies over 6 months old. I'm not sure why. Even then up to 50% of babies with cows milk protein allergy have an allergy to soy, so soy isn't always the answer for babies with cows milk issues. There are goats milk formulas (not sure on the age recommended) but babies who react to cows milk protein react to the similar protein in goats milk as well. The alternative for allergy babies is a prescription formula which eliminates the cows milk. A paediatrician would be able to help you work through if there is an allergy and which formula suits.

    Good luck on getting it sorted. I know feeding issues can be really stressful so be patient and kind to yourself

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