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Thread: premade formula in fridge

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    Default premade formula in fridge

    hi, ds is starting childcare. They have said they want the bottles pre-mixed and they keep them in the fridge at the centre. they are made with cooled boiled water and then straight in fridge and heated when they come to use them. i can't see anything on the tin saying you can't do it this way but i've heard you can't re-heat formula is this the same??
    we're using karicare gold 6mths.

    and at what age do they start going onto cows milk and how much ds is 10mths.

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    its fine in the fridge for 24 hours hun The cows milk transition is reccomended at 12 months old.

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    Reheating it in a microwave isn't good, you need to ensure they're warming it gently in hot water.

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