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Thread: What happens from 12 months?

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    Default What happens from 12 months?

    I'm just wondering what happens with a formula fed baby from 12 months? Did you switch to the toddler formulas or to the kid branded milks or normal full cream milk?

    And how does it work in regards to their bottles? do you still give day time bottles as per what they are wanting? or do you just give milk in a cup at meal times?


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    For me, with DD1 around 18 months of age i started doing half half (so 100ml water, 100ml cows milk and 2 scoops of formula) until she was totally just on cows milk, around a week it took, slowly reducing the water and adding more milk. She was having 2 bottles a day (morning and night) until about 6 weeks ago (so 2 years 3 months roughly).

    With DD2 until 16 months she was living off formula 4 times a day as she refused solids. Again around 6 weeks ago i started doing the half half trick again and she was on to full cows milk within a few days and i dropped 2 of the bottles. So just morning and night.

    I use normal full cream milk, either the cold stuff or long life.

    My kids wouldnt drink it from a cup so thats why i stuck with bottles and will wait for them to drop the bottle when ready. DD1 woke up one day and declared she is a big girl and only babies have bottles....LOL

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    Nina was on cows milk full time from 12 months. I offered her a cup of milk to try one day, and she loved it. She would drink it from a sippy cup. She would have it at the same time/s of her bottles, or whenever she wanted it.
    I haven't offered Emily any yet, I'll be trying her on it in a couple of days/weeks.

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    I started to wean DS from formula at 9 mths (quater milk to 3 quarters formula) then wen up from there untill he was completley on cows milk at 11.5mths but he was also having three propper meals a day and snacks he had about three bottle a day if my memory serves me and only when he was in bed!! but its up to you and what you feel comfortable with!! he use to ahve water or juice duringthe day!!

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    You don't have to swap to the toddler formulas, you can stay on the one they're on now. Remembering they should be having a couple of meals a day anyway so it is more of a supplement than 100% nourishment.

    We tried to do the intergrated formula to milk thing for DD but she is lactose intolerant and it didn't work. At the age of 1, she wasn't having many bottles anyway. At creche, all the kids had milk with morning tea but she had water. Then I discovered lactose free milk and she drinks it with the kids at creche. In fact, she asks for it all the time at home - loves her milk!!! I've recently tried swapping over to cow's milk but she hasn't outgrown her intolerance...

    In regards to cup or bottle... at home, DD initially refused to have anything but water in a cup. Milk had to be in a bottle. Then when she started having milk at creche, she would let us give her milk in a cup. It's amazing what peer pressure can do even at such a young age!!! But now she tells me "no lid on cup!!!" when I try to put a lid on her cup... she wants to drink like a big girl!

    But do what works for you. Remember, what is right for one child isn't necessarily right for yours. If you don't feel ready to give up formula - don't (I was under immense pressure from MCHN to drop formula); if your child isn't ready for a cup - don't worry, give them the bottle, they will take a cup when they're ready; if you want to give them cow's milk - go for it! And if at first, your little one doesn't take to the cup or milk, no biggie, just try again later.



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    I started switching DS over to full cream milk when he had turned one - but I did it really slowly - probably took about 3 months to fully get over, and I just continued the bottles he was on until he was ready to drop one.

    He still has three milks a day, morning, middle of the day, and night, but in a sippy cup (well he has regressed a little since DD was born and sometimes asks for the bottle instead so we give him probiotics in that one cos at least we know he will drink it all!!!)

    Dunno what to do about DD though - she's on goats milk formula - and don't really want to buy her goats milk cos its soooo expensive, even though the formula is over $32 a tin, its still cheaper than the other milk!!

    So yeah - dunno what I'm gonna do when she turns one. Might have to try her on cows milk and see how she copes with it.

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    For us at 12 months we were already partially on cows milk. He would have a formula / cows at bedtime and then only cows for the rest of the day in a straw cup. Just have as much ir as little as he wanted the the straw cup back in the fridge.

    Now he has milk on his breakfast and sometimes a glass at dinnertime but otherwise he gets his calcium through sources of cheese and yoghurt and only drinks water during the day.

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    Thanks ladies!

    I'm wondering though, my can says in bold to only mix it to the directions, ie scoops to water ratio. It says it can make the baby very sick if this isn't done.

    So do you mean you make it up to the directions and then tip half out and put in cows milk? do they tolerate this okay?

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    If you usually use, say 200 ml water and 4 scoops (this is what my formula is), then just put in 100ml water and 100ml milk then add the 2 scoops (or what ever half the need is) for the water componant.

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    I have only just started introducing a little bit of milk, and I am doing it only for one of his day-time bottles, which is his small late-arvo "snack"" bottle. For his "major" bottles, I will continue with formula for a while until I feel he is a little further along in his solids journey. With his late arvo bottle, I put in 2/3 formula and 1/3 milk- for my formula, that is 50ml water and 1 scoop of formula, and 25ml water (its only a little bottle!).


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