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Thread: Would you change formula? Poo question

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    Default Would you change formula? Poo question

    Hello ladies,

    My DS is 9 weeks old. He started on Nan HA Gold and this wasn't working. He was having trouble settling due to vomiting (nearly drop off to sleep, vomit so wake up, repeat) and projectile vomiting.

    We then changed to s26 Gold and it was a bit better but then went back to being the same as the Nan HA.

    For 1.5 weeks now we have been using Karicare HA (Thickened Formula). For the first week it was going great. Much more settled and much, much less vomiting. His poo was a little runny but I put that down to the change in formula rather than any problems.

    However for the last 3 days we've been completely backed up in the poo department. He isn't able to poo without me helping to get it out but gently pressing his legs up against his belly. It's very hard and is like rabbit poo. We've probably been pooing once a day now.

    He's a very settled little man who doesn't cry a great deal so I know he's not in pain. But I don't like to see him straining so much and not able to poo on his own.

    I've been giving him a little brown sugar in water prior to a feed and that helps to move things along. We generally have a softer poo at the next feed.

    I'm wondering if I should change or not? I'm happy to keep going with the brown sugar / water for a few days if it is just the formula settling in. However it's not good for him on an ongoing basis so I don't want to keep this up.



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    I wouldnt change. Give the formula time to get used to his system. However I dont believe in giving babies sugar at all for any reason so I would just stick with plain water. If you want to change, try and stick with the same brand. Research shows (I will find it if you want it) that keeping babies on thickened formula for prolonged preiods isnt good for them.. just something to keep in mind.

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    For DD she started on S26 and that constipated her so badly. So we moved to Nan Gold, and that's been OK. She goes through bouts of constipation, but I put that down to her medical condition. I've switched to Heinz Nurture (money issue. Nan $24 a can, Hienz $15) and thats been fantastic. I haven't decided yet, but I think she may be a bit more refluxy, tho.

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    I think u replied to my thread about formula, so u know we are on our third brand of formula, and i am now having the same issues as u are, she was unsettled all day, poop was a hard med size nugget.

    Im giving the formula a little more time to work, im hesitant about getting a 4th brand, maybe give it a few more days and see if his poop improves.

    Its so hard isnt it, and we feel so helpless.

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    Sounds pretty similar to my son. I also give him Infant's Friend and Infacol, and brown sugar in water.

    But I also give him a probiotic "Baby Bioceuticals" in some feeds although NAN HA has some in it, I found that helped - seems to make him a little more "regular" with pooing. Poos went from a dark khaki green to more mustardy yellow when he has the probiotic.

    He's mostly what Child Health said is a "happy chucker" not that I agree with that saying at all, he does have the odd bit of reflux and has yellow chucks about once a week.

    Hope that helps.

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