thread: What do you do with 'leftover' veggies?

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    Jan 2010

    What do you do with 'leftover' veggies?

    In an effort to reduce waste and my food bill, I'm trying to make sure I use up 'leftover' veggies at the es of the week/fortnight before they go off.

    Usually I'd chuck them in a pot and make some kind of veggie soup. I'm getting a bit sick of that though. Has anyone got any other ideas of what to do with a random mix of veggies?

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    What do you do with 'leftover' veggies?

    What about some kind of fritter or quiche?

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    What do you do with 'leftover' veggies?

    Veggie slice ? Grate all your veggies, add an egg, flour, maybe salmon/tuna/leftover cooked chook, put in ovenproof dish and cook on 180 for roughly 30 mins, depending on how big. Oh, and add some sauce like sweet chilli to give it some zing

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    Yum! What she said!

    I made a frittata (to take to work for lunch) with some rather limp carrots, broccoli, mushrooms and capsicum. It was rather tasty.

    The other thing I do is chop up my (rather sad) veges and saute them in some butter and seasonings before adding in some mince and tinned tomatoes. If we aren't having it that night I freeze it for an emergency meal. Mind you, I do love a good minestrone too!

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    Veggie fritters, quiche or fritatta, add to zucchini slice. Savory muffins (w cheese/fetta/bacon/semidried toms)

    Roast veggies, esp pumpkin, sweet potato, mushrooms, capsicum etc - convert into a warm salad by adding couscous/quinoa which has been cooked in stock, fresh herbs, fetta, chickpeas, or whatever else you've got that's tasty, eg semidried tomatoes.

    We also love variations on day-after mash: esp with potato/pumpkin - either just mashed with a bit of butter, or you can do bubble and squeak where you add finely shredded cabbage to a really chunky mash, and then shallow-fry it all in a pan. Great when you've got a little bit of leftover roast and you want something tasty and filling to pad out the rest of the meal, can have your gravy or pickles or whatever on the side. Yum too with a couple of fried tomatoes. My mum used to cook this sometimes for breakfast (??) with eggs, I think that's an english thing.

    ETA - I also meant to say about doing 2 minute noodle fritters - where you cook up the noodles, add the seasoning and a bit of flour and a couple of eggs, and then chuck in pretty much any vegetable on the planet, then cook as fritters. My kids *love* these - I add a lot more veggies than the recipe says to and they devour the lot in record time. Nice hot snack or super quick meal, especially on a cold day when you've been out all day and you get home and everyone's ravenous.

    ETA#2 - just read back and realised that you were talking about leftover uncooked veggies, not cooked leftover ones. Oh well.
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    Sep 2011

    What do you do with 'leftover' veggies?

    If you're really stuck you could blitz them all and put them in a pasta sauce.

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    Jan 2010

    Thanks for all the ideas. I've currently got a veggie slice cooking for DD1 and I for lunch. I'll see how that goes. I might cook something else later or tomorrow.

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    chop them and mix in with some mashed potato, and either pop them in pastry, brush with oil and bake for pasties, or roll into balls and lightly fry in crumb for bubble and squeak.

    or stir through with tinned tomato and a little cornflour and herbs, to make pasta sauce - which you can then make into lasagne if you like.

    or blitz them, add some stock, and you have soup

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    Fry them up with eggs in the morning like bubble and squeak.

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    Mil makes bubble & squeak. My mum used to make potato fritters. I've done veggie pancakes. Just pancakes with veggies mixed through.