thread: Dear Planet Earth at christmas (Warning: might bring your festive spirit down)

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    Mar 2010

    Awesome thread!!! I have been doing this since I had kids. My mum is a classic, she buys crap and says even if it only last five minutes at least they had a bit oh fun!! SCREAM.... grrr they get as much joy from a walk, a book or some quality time!! She has actually changed over the years and can see that giving can be more then plastic not so fantastic!!

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    Dec 2006

    Just a bit of cross promotion.

    The Gift of Death

    People in eastern Congo are massacred to facilitate smart phone upgrades of ever diminishing marginal utility(3). Forests are felled to make “personalised heart-shaped wooden cheese board sets”. Rivers are poisoned to manufacture talking fish. This is pathological consumption: a world-consuming epidemic of collective madness, rendered so normal by advertising and the media that we scarcely notice what has happened to us.

    In 2007, the journalist Adam Welz records, 13 rhinos were killed by poachers in South Africa. This year, so far, 585 have been shot(4). No one is entirely sure why. But one answer is that very rich people in Vietnam are now sprinkling ground rhino horn on their food or snorting it like cocaine to display their wealth. It’s grotesque, but it scarcely differs from what almost everyone in industrialised nations is doing: trashing the living world through pointless consumption.

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    Dec 2007
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