thread: fruit and vegies in pots?

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    fruit and vegies in pots?

    So it looks like we are moving into another rental. I'm not sure how long we will be there for but at the moment I have a pre-existing vegie garden.

    Is it possible to grow a vegie garden in pots?

    I have two grape plants that I want to take with me and I know they can be grown in pots, I'm just not sure how big they need to be.

    I also have strawberries, do they need to go into one of those special strawberry pots?

    Then there is the vegies, I don't want to leave this crop behind if I don't have to, Im just not sure how it would go with, 1. transplanting the existing plants and 2. growing in pots

    We have this crop - pumpkins, snow peas, beans, beans, beans (dwarf variety), shallots, carrots, 3x brussells sprout plants, and 4x Tomato plants. I think that's it lol.

    Not really sure where to start, if I can, and if I just cut my losses and begin again but in pots.

    Thanks for any help and advice for my moving garden
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    Re: fruit and vegies in pots?

    I've done tomatoes, shallots, lettuces, capsicums & mini eggplants in pots, so I'm sure you can grow other things as well. You can even grow some veggies (eg pumpkins, melons) by splitting open a bag of compost & planting the seeds in there. Use good quality potting mix & keep the water up to them & they will do well.

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    Re: fruit and vegies in pots?

    Thanks heaps Marydean, looks like I have some work to do