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Thread: Birth Certificate - both names on it in Queensland

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    Default Birth Certificate - both names on it in Queensland

    Just a quick update our daughter is beautiful, such a wonderful little baby who is now smiling and trying to giggle, she is very well behaved and a pleaseure to be around we are very happy to have her in our lives, it has been wonderfully amazing.

    Any way i could go on about her for a very long time.

    We recieved her birth certificate the other day, i beleive it was one of the first in Queensland to be printed with both our names on it me as mother and Nelly as partner, it was a very exciting and cool.

    Just letting you all know you can change over all certificates for a fee of about $15.50 (approx) jsut go to births, deaths and marriages.

    Cheers everyone im off to enjoy my little angel.

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    that is very cool and exciting. congratulations......


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    omg when did they bring this in? We sent away the birth registration but haven't yet applied for the birth certificate. Will definitely be doing this now! Thankyou!

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    that's fantastic Carly!

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