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    Wink Coming along nicely

    Hello every one,

    Thought i should just update quickly, I am now nearly five months pregnant.
    I have been feeling fantastic better than i have in a long time not sure but i think it may be the hormones. We will have a scan next week to check and see if the baby has a birth defect that i was born with, i was born with and had repaired a hernia in my diaphragm. It would be million to one shot if the baby had it, im not worried at all as there has only ever been one recorded case of it happening twice in the one family.
    We will also find out the sex of the baby at this scan, very exciting, i am going to try and not tell too many people but i know Nelly she will be tight lipped as we are having a scan at precious previews on the 21st and we wanted to to let everyone know after that. I am happy, healthy, optimistic and apart from a little family issue all is going super, i have been very emotional though.

    Any way just a quick update for now.

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    Congrats Good luck for the scan, I'm sure it will all be fine

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    congrats and i hope your scan is wonderful

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    Congratulations and wishing you all the best!

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