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Thread: Gay Friendly Obstetricians in Bendigo, VIC?

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    Default Gay Friendly Obstetricians in Bendigo, VIC?

    Hello all,

    We are looking at giving birth in Bendigo as it's our closest 'city' to us, but are worried about finding care providers who will be supportive of us as two mums. Anyone know of a gay friendly obstetrician and or midwife program?

    We know the Mercy birthing centre in Melbourne is fantastically supportive of lesbian parents, but are worried that it's too far in the middle of labour ( about an hour and a half ).

    Any other suggestions?


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    No suggestions sorry but I couldn't leave your post looking so lonely. You're in a bit of a tough spot I guess.

    I do have to vouch for the amazing-ness of the Mercy Birth Centre - If anything, they are more inclusive of my partner than they are of me. At my last appt I had a major case of pregnancy brain and in the end the midwife ended up directing all her questions to DP!

    That said, I think it's quite hard to get in there these days unless you're in the zoning area. But if I were in your shoes, I'd be doing all I could to birth at the Mercy FBC. Otherwise, have you considered a homebirth? You wouldn't have any trouble finding a queer friendly homebirth midwife, I'm sure.

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    This question saddened me. Shouldn't they all just be Mummy friendly and you are both MUMMIES.

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    Default hello :))

    Hi there.. I just wanted to put my thought on this out there but firstly I cant offer any suggestions for a gay friendly obstetrician.. But I guess my question is should this even be a question? I figure you make an appointment with a specialist that a doctor has referred you to. Whether the obstetrician is gay straight man woman likes it doesnt like is neither here nor there, because the specialist is not there to form personal opinions. As far as Dp and I go, we will be referred by our doctor and if we dont like that particular specialist, we go shopping!! We dont really care whether they like it or dont, we are paying them to do their job and do it professionally and Im sure you will find the right specialist for you when you finally meet them I can appreciate though why that would be the first thing you would consider but dont be disheartened if you dont read about it on their credentials

    cheers D&M

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    I am a lesbian and work at Bendigo base. We have had a couple of same sex couples through the maternity unit.
    I'm not sure how "gay friendly" the obstetricians are, however everyone is expected to behave in a professional manner. You could try the MAMTA program, or the midwives clinic.
    I'm not sure how St John of God hospital would respond to a same sex couple.
    all the best for the birth.

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    Thanks for your help hjea, I think we are going to try the Mercy birthing unit, as we know other lesbian mum's who have gone through there and they have been nothing but wonderful so far. It's not the birth that was worrying us so much though, but being in a ward for three or four days afterwards and having Sal D ( non tummy mummy ) not being treated as a parent etc.
    We are probably just being paranoid though, as we have never been treated any differently by any of our caregivers....

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    Default anyone out there

    hi just wondering if there are any straight ladies out there who are pregnant with a gay male friend and who are both looking forward to being parents x

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    Hiya, They dont seem to have issues with parents that arent married (like DF and I) or relationships where the male partner is not the dad or issues where its just a single woman so i dont see why they should have an issue with you. The midwives are supportive, dont know about the obs, the one i had last time was a pain but apparently he is a b!tch to most people.

    Id say just book in and give them a try

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    DH & I live near Ballarat, so this doesn't apply to us but our FS is also an Ob/Gyn and I know that they have many same sex couples as patients as Ballarat has quiet a large lesbian community.

    The staff there treat everyone with kindness and don't discriminate in any way.

    I hope you find someone who is right for you as your care is important in this journey.

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