thread: Has anyone used this website? Free sperm donations worldwide?

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    Jul 2011

    Has anyone used this website? Free sperm donations worldwide?

    We've been looking at this website as a possibility for accessing an anonymous donor next year, has anyone used this website or know anything about it? I guess I'm wondering if firstly, its safe and if other couples have had success with this website


    Lou and Em

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    Aug 2011

    We used FSDW (Free Sperm Donations Worldwide)

    We used FSDW in 2009 and have a gorgeous son. Cant believe how quickly the time has flown by since. Ww were lucky and got pregnant second time trying, and it took about 6 weeks to choose the right donor for us. I think they have about 500 in Aus now.

    We used it as recommended by friends who were also successful and since then we have recommended it to others who were also successful! Tbere are lots of scucess stories if you look at the site and on the facebook page etc
    However you wouldnt be able to use the site as it is strictly 'non anonymous donations'. Well known for it. Its the only site in the world that only allows for AI (ie no pestering for sex), where sperm donors cant ask for payment and donors will only be known. Its run by a child psychologist who is really against anonymous donations and although we wanted a known donor anyway we didnt realise how important this decision was til we joined the site. She moderates the members area herself and wasreally helpful especially with what to ask a donor and how to make decisions that will help our child in the long run. There is good new a facebook page is you want to get a feel for it before joining- go to facebook and then do a /diybaby for the page.

    I would strongly urge you to reconsider anonymous and not to feel worried about the donor being known to the child and getting lots of info about him. However brill you are as parents he will always be biologially linked to your child and they should be able to know about him and meet him if they want to. And until you actually have your child you dont really realise all the emotions, and how differently you will see things. Society (and people operating sperm banks) try to tell us sperm is just sperm- but it isnt. Every day I look at my son I see his biological father. Thank goodness we knew to choose well, because hes amazing too, and so seeing the similarities is a good feeling not bad! It makes me realise that our donor does matter. At first we were a bit worried about it but you change how you feel when hes there.

    So if you change your mind thats the only site I would ever recommend as you get so much more than just finding a donor, but the donors there wont donate to you if you dont want your child to be able to know about him. When they register they agree to AI and known donations only. Anyone asking for sex or anonymous gets kicked off pretty quickly, even if youve paid your membership fee already. She said she puts the future kids needs before ours. And now I have a child I understand why a lot more.

    Good luck with your journey. I would suggest you join the facebook page as there are always useful things posted about sperm donation, and DC children etc