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Thread: Hello to all, we are new mums to be!

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    LTL Guest

    Talking Hello to all, we are new mums to be!

    Hi everyone, just discovered this wonderful forum and would like to say hello.
    My partner and I found out today we are officially knocked up and feeling thrilled. We went through insemination with a known donor at a fertility clinic. After 3 months and way too many internal ultrasounds we have success . We still have to wait 2.5 weeks to find out how many little mini mees are in there but we know there is at least one.
    Of the myriad of questions running through our minds the most pressing one is what will our child/children call us. I'm going for Mo Fo but my more traditional partner is leaning towards mum! Do you think we can both be 'mum'? What have others done?
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

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    Welcome to BellyBelly! and Congratulations to you both on your Pregnancy, wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months.

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    Welcome LTL! Congrats on the pregnancy!!!!! Do you guys have a due date yet?

    Lol, Mo Fo!
    We are going Mum and Mama! We wondered about being mama Leash and mama Shel, but decided on mum and mama, cos shel likes mum, and I love mama! LOL!

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    Hi LTL! Congratulations, and welcome!

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    LTL Guest


    thanks for the warm welcome
    Mum and Mama sounds like a good plan Leasha.
    Any other suggestions from the two mums out there?
    cheers, LTL (still pregnant and loving it!)

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    gem29 Guest

    Default names..

    howdy! I am 6 1/2 months pregnant with our first, and we've decided to go with Mommy and Mama (we live in Vancouver BC) hence Mommy instead of Mummy. But you know, we are Mummy Claire and Mummy Nat to our dog, so it might be a hard habit to break. Our friends with kids tell us that the kid will basically figure out what works for them and often what you choose doesn't stick anyhow. A friend's 3 year old has recently started using their first names much to their surprise... but he'll probably shift back to calling them both Mama soon....

    we'll see - I'll keep you posted

    good luck and enjoy!

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    welcome to BB!
    SIL and her partner have 2 kiddies and they call their mums "mum" and "mummy". Sometimes if both are in the room, and the wrong one responds, niece or nephew will say "no not you, the other mum" very cute

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    Default congrats new mums 2 be!!

    Congratulations!! My partner and I had this discussion yesterday and figured i'll be mum and my partner Dan will be Dan and sometimes Danny! so when the children grow and are asked about their Dad I hope the response will be nahhh I dont have a dad I have a Dan...Dan isnt really the maternal type so mum or any variation doesnt suit, so mum and dan is perfect for us!!

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    Smile Hello and Congratulations

    Hi LTL

    My partner and I have a beautiful 2.5 year old daughter, Sarah, and I am "mum" and my partner (whose nickname is "neddy") is "deddy".
    I know that sounds very close to daddy, but my mum came up with it and it sort of stuck.
    Our family are very supportive and think that the name suits her very well.
    But it is an individual thing.
    Good luck and congrats

    Belinda and Jeanette

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    Lea79 Guest


    I agree with the name calling is whatever the child works out it to be seems to stick but its always nice to start something fresh. My DP and I discussed this and when the time comes I will be mummy/mum and selena will be lena as most kids call her. Selena isn't as maternal as me and we think this would help with confusion lol. But its all up to you, whatever suits you best...


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