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    Default Hi Im new

    Hello, I thought it was time to introduce myself, and say hi to you all.

    I live in NSW with my partner of 8 years, and are hoping to start a little family soon.
    We are still deciding on weather we want to use a donor at home, or at a clinic, so this site will be helpful to read some of your experiences and help us decide the pros and cons.

    It will be nice to talk to some other same sex couples, as we have no other friends who are ss, and its tricky to talk about things like this with people who have no idea.

    So Hi, and hope you will accept me, into the little community.

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    Hey and welcome to BB!
    Im sure you will fit in very nicley
    Good luck with your TTC journey

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    Hello and welcome to BellyBelly

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    Hi and welcome Have a read through the G & L pregnancy and parenting section, it'll have heaps of info, and ask any question you like

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    Default Hope I got the Image Verification Right!

    Hi, I too am researching the same as you and your partner. My partner and I have been together for 13 years and have an adopted son. I am going to try a donor from a clinic in the States. It is difficult to talk to others so feel free to ask us anything. If I have any luck, I will let you know. Good luck!

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    thankyou for the lovely welcomes.

    your right it is hard, because while you may have some friends or family to talk to about it all, nobody really understands unless they are doing it too themselves!

    Ill admit i lay in bed each night stressing and thinking about it all, because, talking with my partner, because we do want to start our family right now, but there are just so many pros and cons, of either way we will choose to go.
    either donor, or clinic.
    In a perfect world id have a best friend guy, who would donate with love, and help us start our family, and sort of be a role model for him or her throughout life.
    we do not have that, and some of the donors who have approched us via our internet adds are just you know, can you really trust them??

    I would love to know more about your road to children, anyone please do share!!
    and if anybody wants a buddy to chat with about it all please do pm me and my partner.

    best wishes.

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    Hey Alaska2,
    My partner and I are just starting out too. We just did our 1st round of home insem.
    My GF's best friend of 20 years is the donor.
    He comes over and we do it in our home.
    This was our first try and using OPK's. We inseminated on days 10, 12, 14, 15, 16. The OPK's said i ovulated day 15.
    It's Sunday now and we have done 1 test and got a BFN but that was 8 DPO. We still have up to 4 more days to test before AF is due to arrive.
    Hoping it was too soon.

    So what about you guys?
    How are you trying?
    For how long?

    Hope things are happening for you.

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    Hi and welcome to BB! Good luck getting your family stated im pretty new myself but there are quite a few ss couples on here to help you out

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    hi and welcome to bb. i hope you find support and info here. xxxx

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    Welcome Alsaskatwo and good luck on your ttc... its an amazing ride.

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