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    hello everyone

    I just thought id wave to you r u going Lea? getting ready emotionally for crunch time? im trying to get healthy for next year. I gave up cokeacola (sad I know) Im giving up smoking very very shortly and then im going to start swimming so I can get fit. Im off to melbourne for xmas and with the change of environment I thought it would be a goood time to start, at least ill have a 2 week head start, amazing that I should feel the need to plan to give up smoking. I wanted to have at least 6 months without smoking before ttc. Lea are you on any vitamens? Im going to start taking my temp next month again as well. I feel like ive been apart from it for some time now. You know what worries me the most is that when we are right to go, the clinic will say, oh sorry but there is no donor program now. (paranoid) im sure ! I guess you folks figured we had changed our minds on known to anonymous? well we have. So anyway, thats me in a nutshell right now, chucking out randoms that I hope you can follow
    Leisha, I hope you shell and bubs are well as well. And I hope that all the QLD folks are weathering the storms bravely. Its so cold today, quite amazing, it feels like winter all over again. anyway, time to scoot, I might go and read some birth stories.

    tc ladies

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    Hey there ladies,

    I am so jealous of your wintry blues! It is just stinking hot here with humidity soaring so am staying in the aircon today on my day off My brother and three mates come from out of town to visit last night so I'm feeling a bit shattered after a big night, havent done that in a long time, my throat is really sore from singing singstar all night, we got the new ABBA disc so you can imagine how that would've gone down lol. Now that uni is over I am so relaxed so I guess thats good for my body in preparation for TTC in just over 2 weeks! we are feeling a little nervous about everything so am hoping things run smoothly. I have been on blackmores concieve well gold vitamins for the last 3 months but I'm sure you only need the folic acid most importantly to prevent neural tube defects but I'm feeling the best I have been in a long time so the rest of the stuff must be helping too. That reminds me, I need to go and get some more!Giving up coke and smokes hey? That would be hard at the same time or by themselves but good on you! I'm glad I didn't have any addictions to start with except chocolate, perhaps I need to curb that one. I never ended up losing as much weight as I wanted to but am happy that I will have a healthy pregnancy at this stage. Well, heres hoping anyway once we get there! Selena is working today the poor darlin, we haven't spent much time together of late since I had all those exams to study for and working opposite shifts constantly so today when she gets home I want to do something special for her, I cant think of what yet but I know its coming! Although we havent seen each other all that much I feel closer to her than we have ever before, going through this ttc journey together has pulled extra emotions out of the bag for us and its wonderful. Oh, some exciting news! We bought a walker (almost brand new) from ebay for $20 and a steriliser/bottles/bottle warmer for $25 I thought it was a bargain! Something to add to our collection. We only have clothes and accessories so far so its a bit exciting to buy real stuff. I've bee working in special care nursery/NICU, just started this week and its just amazing! I'm there for 8 weeks so i should learn a fair bit about the little bubs. Its really so scary, some are so tiny that every time you touch them their heart rate/oxygen drops and also when you tube feed them. I'm so used to handling term babies who are quite resilient so its a bit out of my comfort zone but good all the same. I really feel for their parents who when they got pregnant thought they would have a nice healthy term baby not care for their little one trying to thrive and worst of all being apart from them. I cant imagine how Sally & Sal are feeling. Has anybody heard about how little Charlie is going? Well, this post looks very long to me so I better go. All the best everybody, hope to hear good news from everyone soon!

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