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Thread: Home Insemination.

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    Red face Home Insemination.

    Hello sorry to post here, I know its not exactly my place as Im not gay. But this topic seems to be tabboo in the hetro world. I get shouted down for it often.

    My partners sperm is unable to fertilise any eggs due to a medical condition. So we decided on donor but in NSW it is such a long wait for donor sperm. So we decided to advertise for Donors. We found one finally. He is willing to either go to the IVF clinic or home insemination.

    We have stated we would like him to have an HIV and STD Test before doing home insemination. He is a professional 44 yr old man with 4 kids of his own. He is not interested in contact and sees this as giving a gift to us. And we are happy with this.

    As you can see both my partner and I are tending to lean towards doing the home insemination as we could get started quicker. I am 35 yrs old and the clock is tick tick ticking.

    I sorry if I offend anyone in advance it is not my intention.
    I just wanted to know if anyone here has gone through home insemination and what their experiences were.

    bye for now

    p.s. this is the only place I think I would find compassion and understanding thats why I posted here.

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    Hey Redlady.
    My partner and I have been using a known donor for home inseminations for a few months now - no luck yet.
    I would certainly agree with the testing for your donor.
    I'm not sure if it's everywhere, but in Qld there's a 6 month quarrantine period when using donor sperm at IVF clinics - worth keeping in mind.
    Good luck.

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    For at home donor inseminations.

    *Give the donor the spare room to use not the bathroom !


    *Abstain from orgasm for one week prior.
    *Drink plenty of water and maintain hydration.
    *Abstain from alcohol and other drugs one week prior.
    *Wear loose clothing especially if the weather is hot.
    * Preferably collect the sample in the same location as the insemintion.
    * Collect sample into container, knock on door of couple gently and hand sample through the door quietly. Go about your business and leave locking the door on your way out !

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

    Inseminator / Partner

    *Prepare the room (this can be as little as drawing the curtains to going the whole hog with candles music etc. have tissues handy)
    *Ensure the donation room is stocked
    ie : tissues, collection container ( urine jar from chemist most commonly used ), magazines if your donor requests them.
    *Get hot and heavy with your partner /inseminee.
    *Go to door when donor knocks to hand over specimen.
    *Draw up specimen(practice with a spare syringe in the days beforehand ). Carefully and slowly push syringe into vagina as far as you can aiming it a little downwards towards the spine.
    *Gently and slowly push the plunger in while holding the syringe in place.Count to 10 , slowly remove the syringe and bin it.
    *Help her achieve orgasm
    *Insensitive types head for a smoke about now, but stay and chat/ snuggle with your partner, get her a drink or whatever, if you re going to leave her there on her own make sure she has everything she needs like a book to read.


    *Know your cycle, work out when you are ovulating.
    *Go to toilet before starting (nothing worse than getting into something so important and needing to pee)
    *Get undressed
    *Lay on your back with hips/butt elevated on pillows.
    *Get hot and heavy with your partner preferably get naturally wet !
    *Guide your partner with the syringe. Lay still !
    *After the deposit is made stay on your pillows and achieve orgasm with or without help.
    *Stay in bed for at least 20 -30 mins afterwards
    *Visualise the sperm entering the cervix, swimming across it and entering the fallopian tubes.
    *Visualise the egg releasing from the ovaries, travelling down the fallopian tubes, See the sperm racing to meet the egg, penetrating it and fertilizing it.
    *Visualise the embryo travelling down the fallopian tubes into the uterus, and implanting.
    *look for pictures/information on conception so you know what is happening inside you. It's easier to imagine /visualise it then.
    *After 30 mins getup and take it easy for a while.

    The more relaxed and laid back the experience can be for everyone the better your chances.

    This method actually has a higher success rate than clinic AI.

    Of course there is much involved before getting to the point of insemination, but that's a whole lot of other posts LOL !

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    Good Luck Redlady.
    I think the post above mine covers about everything for the insemination but i'll also suggest you get some legal advice to ensure your hubby will be a legal parent (i think its pretty straight forward for hetro couples)
    Let us know how you go with everything

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    thank you so much for your kind words and not being judgemental. The last website I was on took extreme offense at the mere mention of possibly doing home insemination. I was booted off.

    Myself and my husband have decided to use this method. We jsut have a few more tests to do. I am having die injected into my uterus to check if my fallopian tubes aren't blocked on the 18th of may.

    So all fingers crossed we should be on our way to starting a family soon. By about ummm July/ August.

    Thank you for all being so lovely about it. Thanks.

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    Hi there redlady, I have read a book that I think you might find very comforting.
    It is called "Building a Family" by the author Ken Daniels, and is all about hetro couples and one lesbian couple who have created their families with the use of donor sperm. It is packed full of information, quotes from both partners and the children, support and lots of answers.
    Just a reccommendation in case you and your husband were feeling a little bit alone, this book will reassure you that you are definately not alone.
    Wishing you luck for your HSG on the 18th.

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    awww thank you all for being so lovely and supportive.

    I will take all your tips and hopefull things go well.

    I will leave this forum now and this is the last thing I will post as I just wanted advice as the hetros all get up tight about this subject. And I figured I would get more kind and friendly advice here.

    I wish you all every success in having families.

    I might post here one more time if you all permit me when I tell you that its worked and Im pregnant.

    Thank you so much for being nice.

    Blessed Be

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