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Thread: How'd you do it? And for how long?

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    Default How'd you do it? And for how long?

    Hi there! I'm new... Still working this forum out....

    We have just started TTC. Ov 2 days ago and have been doing known donor inseminations at home. We've done 5 inseminations in 6 days.

    So now it's the big 2ww.... Booo!

    I was wondering if anyone else has home inseminated and how long it took you to fall. Or if you are still traying. Do you have any hints and tips?

    Thanks so much!

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    Oh I replied in your other post but I'll post here too...
    Like I said, 4th attempt of at home insemination we fell pregnant.
    The first 3 times we did more inseminations but the 4th time which worked we only did it the one day before I ovulated and it worked. Doc told me not to do it too many times over short period because the semen wont be as potent, will be more diluted with less actual swimmers in it cos there is not enough time for them to build back up. Also he should abstain from ejaculating a week before the deed.
    I was taking my temp religiously every morning, documenting everything. Used OPK's throughout the month, checked my cervix everyday for the changes (this was the key thing which definately helped in knowing EXACTLY when I was ovulating) & we used a speculum when we inseminated too.
    Hope this is the month for you, good luck!

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