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Thread: I am so over being pregnant and i have 11 weeks to go :(

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    Unhappy I am so over being pregnant and i have 11 weeks to go :(

    I know i should be delightfully happy about being pregnant and that alot of people would kill to be in my position but i am damed uncomfortable. I am still working full time and i plan on goign on leave on the 19th of March two weeks before i am due.
    I am just very surprised at how uncomfortable i am feeling, the gas the sore back the sore tummy it really is an endless list of aches and pains i know i am really just beeing a bit of a whinger but i am really feeling it lately.

    I am so excited on the other hand to be having a baby girl in 11 weeks i am very much looking forward to being a mum and having a new baby round the place there are many challenges which i probably have not considered but i am jsut so excited about the new chapter in my life about to begin. I hope she comes on her due date i really don't want to be two weeks over due.

    Any way thank you fro listening to my rant i am feeling a little better for even getting it off my chest.

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    It's a perfect time to start treating yourself while you feel like this. Go and have a pedicure as you probably can't get to your toes.
    Have a pregnancy massage to help with the aches and pains.
    And perhaps re-think if you can when you are going to finish work.

    Congratulations on having a baby's great fun.

    Take care

    x Heather

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    If you want to join in chats with some others who are due at a similar time check out the bellybuddies thread:

    I know i sometimes feel like a whinger, so its good to talk to others who understand.

    hope tomorrow is better

    take care,


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    Oh hun, I remember that feeling!! I was over it by your stage as well. Thank goodness I convinced myself that bubs was going to be nice to mummy & come 2 weeks early She came 9 days late!! The only thing that worked for me was floating, at the beach, in the pool, anywhere to take the weight off. Ah...BLISS!! Can you wander down to your local beach for a dip this evening?

    PS This time feels slow but enjoy it as life with a LO goes really fast!

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