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Thread: Lesbian TTC with IVF

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    Default Lesbian TTC with IVF

    Hi there
    This is the first time I've ever posted anything on the internet. Am a little bit nervous but BB has encouraged me so here goes.....

    My partner and I are trying to conceive our first baby with IVF. This week is the failure of the second cycle and I started on another Flare IVF cycle. I haven't so much minded the drugs in the first half of the stim cycle. The egg pick up was painful but I was fine in a few days. But the drugs on the second half of the cycle were terrible. Progesterone. It's like having the world's worst PMS and instead of just going for a couple of days, it went for 2 weeks! Revolting. At least now we know what to expect.

    I have just started my second stimulation cycle. So this will be try number 3. The FS says that it takes an average of 6-10 cycles. But no matter how rational you think you're being, the physical reality of not being pregnant is gut wrenching - literally! Especially when we get to see our little embie at the transfer. That little four cell thing, could be our kid! It's pretty surreal, i have to say and one of the benefits of having to do IVF. Pretty special once we do get pregnant to be able to show our kid at their 21st what they looked like at 4 cells! Pretty freaky.

    I'm having acupuncture twice a week and that is keeping me on the even keel. It's an absolute god send, I have to say. and especially as I'm not able to take any migraine medication - am a chronic sufferer of migraine my whole life. I recommend acupuncture to anyone, for it's emotional/psychological impact as well as the physical benefits in trying to conceive.

    We're doing pretty well as a couple and as individuals. As a lesbian couple we haven't had months/years of trying to conceive before ending up on IVF so we're reasonably fresh. That may fade quickly, I'm not sure. IVF is definitely a journey/rollercoaster, that's for sure.
    Ok, I'll finish there.
    Hope you and yours are all well

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    I hope that this cycle is a success for you & your partner!!

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    I haven't been on here in ages & ages, but how did your last IVF cycle go?
    I'm just about to start my first IVF cycle, probably in a couple of weeks ish, and I'm pretty nervous, but I've done 12 IUI's so I'm ready to try something different!
    Good luck to you guys anyway

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    Default Success and failure

    Hi Kitty Kate, Gabrielle and Emersyn
    Thanks for your encouragement.
    The Stim Cycle was a success and failure all in one. I had 22 eggs, but unfortunately, the transfer had to be cancelled due to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Was a huge disappointment, but a relief too. I was SO uncomfortable, bloated and painful even before the trigger, let alone with 22 eggs all maturing at once - OUCH!, the pick up of 22eggs and then the OHSS afterwards. The up side is that our baby wont have to compete with Santa for his/her birthday parties!

    but out of 22 eggs we only got 5 embryos. Luckily 5 is my wife's favourite number so we're hoping it's a good sign (funny how you start being supersitious).

    So it was a huge waiting game being monitored daily for the OHSS and now we're waiting again on a natural thaw cycle! Waiting, waiting, always waiting. I had a scan this week and there was no action, so rescan in a week.

    Am trying to spend this time getting my health in order and also considering reducing my hours at work. How do you go juggling IVF/Baby making and the rest of life?

    Kitty Kat - try not to be scared. The first IVF cycle is pretty full on, cos you plug into this machine (aka Business aka IVF clinic). Just ask questions, keep yourself informed and be prepared to advocate on your own behalf if necessary. Also clear your calendar of social events as you don't know how you'll react to the medication. Your best friends will be your treating nursing team. They are really the ones who run the show. They are lovely and so supportive. Good luck! I look forward to hearing how you go.

    Thanks again for your encouragement

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