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Thread: More proof that inseminating at home yourself can work!!!

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    Default More proof that inseminating at home yourself can work!!!

    So, at age 35, it was lucky try number 7 - that was 2 IUI's, 4 x with a donor from one of the websites (on my 2nd try using his sperm I had an early miscarriage) then finally THE try with a known donor..... and lo and behold it worked!

    I am now 16 weeks pregnant, so far so good

    I think there is no one right or wrong way to do this - whether you do insem at home, in the clinic, with a known or unkown donor - these decisions are so dependant on each woman's invividual circumstances.

    It wouldn't have been sustainable financially to keep having IUI's with expensive donor sperm, plus somehow, for me, it was hard to believe that this single try each month could work (that being said I have 2 aquaintances who conceived easily this way!!!).

    I liked being able to do at least 2 inseminations in the comfort of my own bedroom. I would get my blood tested every month at the fertility clinic to check how close ovulation was, as well as using the kits, thermometers and various random ovulation detecting paraphenalia! (I felt like my bedroom was some kind of magic Harry Potter like lab ).
    I felt really comfortable and in control doing the insem. myself. I'd do one just when the clinic advised me, but also a couple of days before (after a while, I noticed I'd have signs of ovulation and I'd feel extreeeemely sexy 2 days before the clinic said I was ovulating).

    It took a long time for me to find the right donor and I found that it was really important to respect my instincts on this too - sometimes it was easy to feel like I *had* to go with whoever was willing, as if there was some kind of donor famine! It was hard to be patient sometimes, but I'm so glad I waited until the situation felt right.

    That being said, I now really, really understand why many of us choose unkown donors! I am absolutely fine with my donor, it's taken a while, but we're working out the donor agreement with a fanastic solicitor - but he is the sister of a good friend of mine.
    Now, this friend suggested I use her brother for many months and at first I hesitated as I didn't want it to influence our friendship. After about 7 months of discussion I went ahead and used her brother as my donor and it was BFP first time!
    While I am thrilled, this has really opened up a can of worms for her and I'm not sure that we will be able to stay friends! She is now unsure if she can conceive and it's very confronting for her.. It seems like you can have all the discussions in the world, but reality is different from a hypothetical situation..
    This is sad and I have a great deal of compassion and understanding for my friend. On the other hand, she's behaved in ways that have really upset me and I feel that I need to keep a bit of distance for the sake of my own wellbeing as I grow this little bub! I hope we can work it out. Luckily my clinic provides free counseling on such matters..

    So there you go - you never know what will happen, it's a crazy, wonderful ride!!

    All you women out there trying to conceive - Good luck!!! Stay determined, where there's a will there's most likely a way..

    Things that helped me:
    - taking the herb Vitex made my cycle regular
    - I had regular acupuncture & did yoga
    - tryyyyying to let go (so so so hard and not easy to hear from others..)
    - doing nurturing fun things -especially important for me as a single chick
    - *gulp* greatly reducing my sugar intake - hard, but it helped!

    Once again, good luck lovely women!!! Look forward to hearing abour your BFP's XOX

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    How exciting.....
    I read your journey and I felt the same. One time a month didn't sound enough. So using a known donor, we did it 5 times a cycle and BAMO!
    1st cycle... BFP!
    Donors are tricky....
    Ours is my partners bestie and their relationship has disappeared.
    We didn't want anything on paper as straight couples don't! We are also now covered by the law in that I will be known as birth mum and my girl as co mum on birth cert with same rights as a married mum and dad.
    Anyhoo.... 16 weeks?
    That's tops!
    How supportive is your family/friends being a single gal?
    I can imagine people would have their opinions....
    I'm so excited for you!Q
    I love when it works.
    Congrats and stay in touch!

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