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Thread: Newbie questions :)

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    Smile Newbie questions :)

    Hi everyone,
    I've only just found this forum after months of searching!
    My partner and I have decided to start the ttc journey and hopefully end up with our long awaited baby!
    We live in sa but are travelling to qld for our first app with the fs for iui in feb.
    Can anyone give us any info on initial tests, psych appointment etc
    we have been googling for months trying to find this info!
    Also any iui success stories would be great!
    Thank you!


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    Hi Melnmar,

    Just thought I'd say a big welcome to BellyBelly.

    As far as your other questions, I'll leave them to one of our same-sex partners to answer, as I'm not sure of the answers myself.

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    hi melnmar!!
    just want to say welcome too...
    cant answer your question sorry but you will definently find what your looking for in here...

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    Thanks for your welcomes
    We've bombarded the clinic with questions that got answered wonderfully but it's always good to get a more personable answer!

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    oh for sure they explain it medical terms that you start to think "oh ok then" and walk away and say ok but what happens?? lol
    im sure you will soon get some answers that your seeking
    GL hun.!!

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    We went for one clinic appointment with our Known donor to get info re testing etc and then we did home insem.
    1st cycle and you can see by my ticker, all is good in the world.
    In fact, I have been having contractions since Thursday (today is Monday)...

    We went to grab some groceries yesterday and I was having quite "stop you in your tracks" contractions and my girl was jumoing around like a lunatic, saying, "Good girl baby! Have another one! Whoo hoo! Keep it coming honey!" As if I have ANY control over them!!!!

    Anyway, we have a fam friend who is a midwife here in Syd and she's had 2 girlie couples come up from SA to birth here as both parents can be named on the birth cert, unlike in SA.
    They might catch up one day!
    There is something you might want to look into if you haven't already!
    Anyway, best of luck!

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    Congratulations mum+mum!
    How exciting!
    we are using unknown donor sperm from the clinic we are using and when we first talked about ttc we thought about going to nsw for the birth for that reason, but realistically its not affordable for us as we are from Regional SA and have to travel 4 hours just to get to adelaide and then fly from there to brisbane for every appointment so fingers crossed we'll be lucky first go!
    At first my partner was dissapointed but either way we'll still both love bub the same and if its ever an issue we'll look into changing our names atleast.
    I think SA is stuck somewhere in the middle ages!
    Goodluck for your birth

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    Default qfg process

    Hi Melnmar,

    we started on our IUI process in november last year with QFG brisbane, so I can only speak from that experience.

    All in one day, we had our psyc interview, blood tests, and meeting with the sperm donor coordinator.

    Our fertility doc didn't think we needed any tests besides the prerequisite blood tests, based on my age, and the fact that my cycle history has always been very regular with nothing out of the extraordinary. I think you can push it with your doc if you feel uncomfortable and get tests done though. It would just depend on your comfort level and your financial ability.

    Psyc test felt like it was just a formality to go through. The psyc focused on the future child (e.g. whether we should tell it that it's donor conceived, ensuring that people around us refers to the donor as "donor" etc etc) partner was worried that i would say something hilarious (she meant silly i'm sure of it lol) and get us kicked off the program by the psyc but i dont think they ever kick people off it so don't stress too much about it.

    The meeting with the donor coordinator was the most interesting/fun one. She basically went through with us the process...showed us all the profiles...and gave us some tips. E.g. we went in with the expectation that we wanted our donor to be of a certain ethnicity combination, and that we'd buy numerous vials in one go lol....and we left not really care about ethnic combination anymore, or buying numerous vials in a go. Mainly it was cos we didn't have the cash to buy multiple vials ..and even if we did and we got lucky first try, then we would have wasted money on the extra vials. So really that meeting was the best for us in terms of readjusting our priorities to be a little bit more realistic.

    If you have any more questions do yell out. I hope it all works out for you two

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    Default Donor IUI

    Hi MelnMar,

    My partner and I have just completed our first IUI with donor sperm. Unfortunately today is my day 1 so the IUI was unsuccessful.

    We are in Melb and using a clinic with donor sperm. The worst part is you only get 2 IUI's before you have to transfer to IVF.

    Our first appointment was with the fertility specialist. This was the longest wait. About 2months. She was fantastic and said that we should try IUI with no daily injections. I get a monthly period and ovulate monthly. We were going to go for a natural ovulation but ended up using a trigger injection so it didnt come on Sunday.

    Then we had to have 4 appts, 2 with the counsellor and 2 with the nurses at the clinic. After the specialist we went straight to the clinic to book the appts and have routine blood tests.

    Our first counsellors appointment was the following week. She asked us about our journey to making this decision. What we were worried about most. We discussed lots of our private conversations leading up to this. I think she just wants to know that you have thought about it and its not a snap decision.

    The next counsellors appointment was 2 weeks late and where we got our donor sperm options. Basically she asked if we had any questions. We didnt. So she said we should go and read our donor lists. Which we did and cal the clinic within 24 hours with our decision. We only had 5 to choose from. It wasn't difficult. My partner and I narrowed it down to 2 and then eventually 1.

    The other nurse appointments were nothing. One appointment was to discuss the payments and the 2nd nurse appointment was to discuss the IUI procedure and trigger injection.

    Then we had to wait for day 1. Ovulate, get inseminated and then the dreaded 2WW.

    Now we are up to our 2nd day 1 we feel like old pro's.

    They say the 2WW is the worst. I actually found the 3rd week worse as my period was late so I was so hopeful and then I spotted and I convinced myself it was early pregnancy spotting. Once I started bleeding I was devastated.

    Now I am preparing myself physically and emotionally for our next attempt.

    Goodluck with your IUI. I wish you all the luck in the world!!!!

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