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Thread: "Other mummy" lactation?

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    Default "Other mummy" lactation?

    Hi all

    After the discussion we had about the pregnant "man" and BF, I started wondering as to whether or not it is a consideration any lesbian couples have?
    I would LOVE it if my husband could BF as me getting up in the middle of the night all the time lol

    Have any of you thought about both of you BF...or have any "other" mums actually undertaken a course to try and lactate as well? did it work?


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    Hi Lime Slice, when my (now ex) parnter was first pregnant with our second DS (now 7yo) we went and saw a lactation consultant to discuss the possibilty of me lactating. Ex had BF first DS (now 9 yo) for 18 months and planned to BF again but we wanted to explore the possibilty of me also BF. Essentially, it is not impossible. It is harder if you have never lactated before and it is not realistic if you are going to do much less than full time BF secondary to supply/demand issues. In the end we decided not to go down that path. I was working f/t as an intern, thus long hours and it was not realistic.

    Have some friends where both women and previously given birth but one had always struggled with bf. That one became pregnant and the this time non-biological mum lactated and bf...the process ideaaly needs to start early in the pregnancy

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    Yes, I can't imagine it would be easy to do!
    Thanks DrGirl

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